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Lloyd Thomas | Nevada Effluent Management Specialist

Slurry Tankers: 3 Must Haves


3 Slurry Tanker Must Haves


Simply put, if you want a slurry tanker that’s going to get the job done, keep you compliant, and last a lifetime, there’s 3 essential components to look for.  Forget about the added extras – if your slurry tanker doesn’t have these, it’s simply not going to cut the mustard.

1. Corrosion Resistance

For a slurry tanker to last, it’s essential it is built to be corrosion resistant inside and out.  While the coating on the outside protects it from the elements, the inside is even more important.  Effluent is a highly corrosive material, and without a high level of corrosion resistance on the inside, pitting will occur and your tanker will rust from the inside out.  Not only will this drastically reduce the life of your tanker, but there is a high risk of implosion as the metal becomes thin. 

Recommendation:   Look for a slurry tanker with heavy duty galvanisation inside and out.  Galvanising is the most proven method for long term corrosion resistance, is no more expensive than other methods, and is a permanent solution.  A lacquer coating will further protect the galvanisation, make the tanker easier to clean, and most importantly – keep it looking better for longer!

Imploded Slurry Tanker

2. The Chassis

Any slurry tanker over 8,000 litres needs a full chassis and drawbar separate from the tank itself.  This is to provide an adequate amount of shock absorption from any undulating terrain, and reduces shock loading through to the drawbar.

With a partial chassis the drawbar is integrated with the tank.  This means the tank now becomes part of the integral structure of the machine, and stress is then transmitted through the tank.  Given a slurry tanker is a pressure vessel, this is not ideal and is only suitable for slurry tankers 8,000 litres or smaller.

Recommendation: When choosing a slurry tanker over 8,000 litres in size, make sure it is manufactured with a full chassis.

Tank bolted to full length chassis
Tank bolted to full length chassis
Full length chassis on 12,000L slurry tanker
Full length chassis on 12,000L slurry tanker

3. Even Application

Just as important as how it’s built, is how it functions.  An even spread is critical for a number of reasons:

  • You want your nutrients to be spread evenly and consistently across all areas of the farm. This is important for soil nutrition as well as helping to prevent run-off.
  • Council compliance – as different rules come into play it is becoming more and more important to know what nutrients are being spread, and how much. Many farmers are getting ahead of the game by regularly testing the nutrients from their pond/storage after mixing, but before spreading for more control and accurate nutrient application.
  • With slurry tanker applicators, an even spread usually goes hand in hand with having good control over your application (after all, it would be difficult to achieve an even spread if the application was susceptible to wind drift). Better control means you’re able to confidently spread within waterway boundaries or any other restrictions. 

Recommendation:  Don’t get complacent when it comes to the spreading applicator of your slurry tanker.  Make sure the applicator is manufactured to provide an even, accurate, and consistent spread of nutrients.   

I’ve had experience using other tankers, but I prefer Nevada over any other brand. I move a lot of product in a very short time with the Ezi-Load system.

Paul Neumann, Northland Contractor

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