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Advice On Choosing The Right Effluent Pump


Advice On Choosing The Right Effluent Pump

Your choice of effluent pump can make or break the functioning of your effluent system.  With a lot of pumps to choose from, and manufacturing improvements, we’re often called for advice on which pump is going to be best to get the job done.  So here’s what we recommend…


When Electric Is Best

Electric pumps are our first recommendation if your pump is just servicing the one effluent pond/tank, and you’re able to get electricity running down to the storage area.  We recommend electric pumps because they are easy to automate and have much lower running costs then diesel and PTO pumps.  They also provide a good flow in the range of 18,000 to 36,000 litres per hour, ideal for in-ground systems with most effluent irrigators.

Recommended when:Benefits:
Pumping from one locationMost cost effective
Electricity is availableLow power requirements
An in-ground system is being usedGood flow between 18,000-36,000 litres per hour
Ideal for in-ground systems with most effluent irrigators
Easy to automate
Floating centrifugal pump on Nevada PondBoom
Shore mounted progressive cavity (PC) pump

The two most common types of electric effluent pumps are floating centrifugal and shore mounted progressive cavity (PC) pumps.  Where centrifugal pumps were once the ‘go to’ option, recent improvements to the geometry and quality of PC pumps has made them the preferred choice for safety, reliability and consistency.

A good quality progressive cavity effluent pump will provide a consistent flow of effluent to the irrigator regardless of where it is situated on the farm.  Dairy farmers who’ve installed PC pumps confirm the output is the same whether they are pumping short or long distance, over flat or elevated land.  PC pumps have a low horsepower requirement making them more efficient to run.  They are also less expensive to install and are self-priming when set up correctly.  Being shore mounted they are the best choice for safety and maintenance as there is no need to enter the pond.

Centrifugal pumps are still a good option, however compared with a good PC pump they require a higher power input and more control mechanisms to achieve the same level of consistency.  While reliable, as they require more complicated mechanics there is a higher risk of complications.  In terms of safety, centrifugal pumps can be shore mounted, but will require some form of priming.  Alternatively a PondBoom™ is recommended for floating centrifugal pump setups so that the pump can be safely brought to shore for maintenance without the need to enter the pond.

PTO & Diesel Powered Effluent Pumps

A well chosen PTO or diesel powered effluent pump will deliver high volume and high pressure ideal for use with multiple irrigators or draghose type systems. Since they are portable and don’t require electricity to run, they’re ideal for use over multiple ponds or if an electric pump is not an option.

Recommended when:Benefits:
No electricity availableNo electricity required
The pump needs to be used over multiple pondsPortable

Smaller PTO pumps are usually recommended for small to medium farms where an electric pump is not an option.  Large diesel-powered pump kits are often required for large, multi-pond farms and contractors where high output is desired.  These large diesel pump kits can deliver 10x the output of an electric pump. 

It is important to note when selecting a pump that high horsepower does not equal high pressure.  Effluent pumps must be both high pressure and high volume to be able to reliably pump effluent through a pipeline.  It is always recommended to check with a specialist to make sure the pump you choose will have the correct pressure and volume to suit your requirements.

Large diesel-powered pump kits for contractors

It’s [effluent management] not just a cost. If it was just a cost most people wouldn’t want to do it. It’s the payback that makes it interesting.

Victor McIntyre, Waitui, Taranaki

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