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Lloyd Thomas | Nevada Effluent Management Specialist

Fertigation – A Smart Strategy For Crop Irrigation


Fertigation – A Smart Strategy For Crop Irrigation

Fertigation is a great method for irrigating your crops without causing damage or issues like run-off. What’s more, it’s easy to set up, cost effective and portable!

What is Fertigation?

Fertigation is when multiple Fertigator™ pods are strategically placed throughout your crop paddock to allow for regular, low applications of effluent nutrients to be applied. The benefits of this set up include:

No crop damage

Fertigator™ pods can be strategically placed throughout the crop field to ensure maximum coverage, and can be left in place for the duration of the cropping. Unlike other methods of irrigation, there’s no need to shift the pods, which is often where damage occurs.

No ponding or run-off

This set up allows for light applications to be applied regularly, meaning the nutrients are better absorbed, crops are healthier from a consistent level of soil nutrients, and no ponding or run-off occurs.


Improved ground coverage

Not only do Fertigator™ pods cover up to 1500m², but being portable, and attached to flexible hose, they can easily be positioned to fit odd-shaped paddocks for maximum coverage. They are also well suited for undulating ground, with a wide 700mm diameter base for stability, and being close to the ground.

Healthier crops

Applying regular light applications of effluent allows the soil to maintain a consistent level of nutrition to the crops.

Cost effective

Fertigation is a simple and cost effective solution to providing irrigation to your crops. Set up is easy, and once set up there is no need to shift the pods. The labour requirement is low, and a PTO pump is all that is required for feeding the Fertigators™.

Nevada Fertigators

What’s needed for Fertigating?

This really depends on the size and shape of your crop paddocks, but as a general guide you’ll need:

  • Fertigators - enough to provide coverage over the entire crop paddock (each pod can cover 1500m²)
  • 50m of lay flat hose for between each pod unit (connects to common 2” camlock fittings)
  • A Pump – PTO pumps are a good option, however the system can be set up with any small or large pump.

We use Nevada Fertigators on rolling country that we are not able to get our travelling irrigator to - and its opened up more areas of my farm. We’ve gone from 50 hectares of effluent irrigable land to 120. Basically it’s covering those hill faces and getting fertility back to where we haven’t had it.

Mike Marshall - Southland Dairy Farmer

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