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Quentin Thomas | Nevada Effluent Management Specialist

Is My Tractor Too Small For A Slurry Tanker?

Is My Tractor Too Small For A Slurry Tanker?

Are you after a slurry tanker but worried your tractor is too small to pull it? We find a lot of farmers air on the side of caution, either putting off buying a slurry tanker until they upgrade the tractor, or underestimating the size of the slurry tanker their tractor can safely pull…

While we can’t speak for all makes and models of slurry tanker, we can say Nevada’s range of slurry tankers are amazingly easy to pull, and we often get farmers tell us they’ll get the next size up when it’s time to upgrade.

The general rule of thumb in pairing your tractor with a slurry tanker is 100L per HP. So a 100HP tractor could safely pull a 10,000L slurry tanker. However Nevada slurry tankers are easier to pull than most, with examples of a 145HP tractor pulling a 20,000L Nevada slurry tanker, or a 115HP tractor pulling a 12,700L Nevada slurry tanker uphill!

Why are Nevada Slurry Tankers so easy to pull?

Nevada slurry tankers are easy to pull because of a few standard features:

  • Big flotation wheels allow for good stability.
  • Slurry tankers 10,000L and larger come with multi-leaf mechanical spring drawbar suspension, and all tandem and tridem models also have parabolic leaf spring axle suspension allowing each wheel to operate independently for maximum impact on the ground. The double suspension cushions the ride and makes towing even.
  • Nevada slurry tankers are well balanced to provide sufficient weight on the drawbar, but not excessive, and this can be adjusted.
  • Braking on all wheels provides an added level of safety.
  • The lighter RainWave applicator reduces tare weight and eliminates additional drag that can be caused from heavy applicators such as dropper booms, trailing shoes or disc injectors.

So while your 115HP tractor may not be able to pull a 20,000L slurry tanker, it will pull an 10,000L just fine…or possibly even more!  

It's a perfect one farm, one man operation.

Joe Ullenburg, Contractor, Taranaki

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