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Self loading - Stop, Drop & Go Slurry Tankers


Self loading - Stop, Drop & Go Slurry Tankers

Slurry tankers - effluent spreading from the comfort of the tractor seat.
Auto-fill system can be used to load the tanker from the comfort and safety of the tractor cab. One hydraulic line operates several functions to activate the fast Nevada Ezi-load System. In a sequence of events the arm is lowered (Nevada auto-fill arms can be set to go to the left or right).

Once docked with the filling station, the valve opens and the vacuum pump is switched to vacuum. In a few short minutes the tanker is full and the arm can be lifted.

The valve is closed, vacuum relieved, the pump switched to pressure and the arm is lifted, all with one simple function.

No need for reticulation systems, no hazardous pipes or pumps - just fill, court and spread.

The old days are over. New generation Nevada Rainwave™ tankers are available from 8,000 to 25,000 litre capacity for safe, fast, accurate effluent placement. So, for a fast, professional, and friendly service, contact the team at Nevada.

The Nevada 10,000L tanker rides very well and we're more than happy with it. We managed to do 6 full loads in an hour, towing behind our 100hp tractor.

Terry Hamilton, Paeroa Dairy Farmer
We are here for you.
Nevada products are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why all Nevada products are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited
Our commitment to the environment
Effluent accreditation is the Nationwide standard for compliant, high-quality, dairy effluent systems. Accreditation requires evidence and upkeep of high skill levels, knowledge and experience.
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