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Michael Prestidge | Nevada Effluent Management Specialist

When Engine Driven Pumps Are Best

When Engine Driven Pumps Are Best

Choosing the right pump for your effluent management is an important decision. After all, the pump plays a key role in the whole operation. If you’re wanting a mobile option, or you don’t have electricity running to the pond/storage, then it narrows your choice to PTO or engine driven pumps – so when are engine driven pumps best? And what should you look for in a engine driven pump?

PTO vs Engine Driven

Both PTO and engine driven pumps can be great mobile options for managing your effluent. Engine driven pumps are most efficient for contractors and farmers who use them often and pump large volumes. Here’s why:

  • Having a dedicated engine is a good idea when it’s being used frequently, so it doesn’t tie up the tractor.
  • There will be less transmission wear.
  • There will be less depreciation on your tractor.
  • The pump can be moved from farm-to-farm towing it with a Ute.
  • Engine driven pumps can be automated so you can monitor them while getting on with other jobs.

If you only have 1 or 2 farms, and are not pumping large volumes, a PTO pump is likely to be more economical. If you’re unsure which option would be best for your situation, give us a call and we’d be happy to advise.

Engine driven effluent pump

What to look for in an Engine Driven Pump

Make sure you’re getting an effluent pump designed to handle thicker slurries.

There are a lot of engine driven pumps which are only designed for water. These transfer pumps have large engines with large inlet and outlet pipes, so it’s easy to think these would handle effluent. However, transfer pumps are designed to shift large volumes of water over a short distance, where effluent pumps need to handle thicker slurries and solids travelling over a longer distance.

Engine driven effluent pump

Bigger is not always better

Don’t judge a pump by its horsepower. Like the point above, not all engine driven pumps are designed for the same purpose. Just because a pump has a high horsepower, it doesn’t mean it will do the job better. The effectiveness and efficiency of the pump will come from the pump design coupled with how it integrates with your effluent system.

For best results, match it with your pipes and irrigator

The pump is just one component of an effluent system, so it stands to reason the pump can’t perform at it’s best if the pipes and irrigator don’t match. In fact, attaching a powerful pump to pipes that are too small to handle the volume and pressure being pumped through can have catastrophic consequences. No one wants a burst pipe, and it’s just a waste of energy for the pump.

Self-priming options

A pump that self-primes will make the job a lot easier, so we’d recommend looking for engine driven pumps with self-priming options.

Covered Body

You’ll want to make sure the body of the engine is covered and lockable. Not only is it good to protect the engine from unnecessary damage, but it keeps the user safe and your asset secure.


There are often automation options available for engine driven pumps. These allow you to control and monitor the pump from an app on your phone. While this functionality might not be to everyone’s taste, it can be very useful for contractors – allowing you to monitor the pump running remotely while you get on with other jobs, or for operators wanting to work remotely while looking after staff.

A more simplified option is a remote-control diverter. This can work on PTO or engine driven pumps allowing the operator to remotely switch valves via an app.

Sound Proofing

Some engine pumps have options for soundproof enclosures. This can be a useful option when needing to operate close to neighbouring properties where noise could be an issue.

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