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Bladder Tanks

Closed self-supporting, transportable tanks
Trusted for Safety and Reliability

Bladder Tanks

Closed self-supporting, transportable tanks are a great solution for:
  • Swampy & high water table sites where it’s not possible to dig a pond
  • Temporary sites
  • High rainfall areas, where a pond would be prone to overflow
  • Sites close to residential properties
Bladder tanks are made from a HPVi fabric in polyester thread, woven and double sided PVC coating which is UV stabilised to provide maximum lifespan.  They are assembled by high frequency welding certified to ISO 9001 standards.
Bladder Tanks
Bladder Tanks

Bladder tank benefits:

  • Closed storage, no oxidation, no external contamination, no evaporation.
  • Safety - no risk of people falling in
  • Storage capacity up to 1500m3
  • Fold-able and transportable
  • Earthquake-resistant

We chose a good, flexible system that helps with labour, and we’re really happy. We’re really proud of it.

Bryce Hunger, Taranaki Dairy Farmer

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Nevada products are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why all Nevada products are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited
Our commitment to the environment
Effluent accreditation is the Nationwide standard for compliant, high-quality, dairy effluent systems. Accreditation requires evidence and upkeep of high skill levels, knowledge and experience.
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