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Effective Effluent Spreading with 

Drag Hose Systems.

3PL Applicators For Drag Hose Systems



The two most popular choices of 3PL applicators for effluent drag hose spreading are Nevada’s 3pL RainWave™  and Tramspread Dribble Bars. Learn more about these options below, or get in touch for other applicator options where required.


RainWave™ 3PL Applicator


The Nevada RainWave applicator has been developed as a good overall effluent spreading solution, providing speed, control, an even spread pattern, wide spreading distribution and producing larger effluent droplets that minimise wind drift and volitisation. The 3 point linkage system is also very light on the tractor, making it an excellent choice over softer soils. If you’re looking to empty and spread your effluent pond fast with a low application depth, the RainWave applicator is your best bet with the ability to spread over 1,000,000 litres in one day.  


The simplicity of the RainWave makes it a very economical option, and the compact design means there’s no issues with getting through farm gates or spreading over hilly or uneven ground. They’re also really easy to operate, requiring very little skill.

A Smart Spreading Solution


By using low pressure and an oscillating fan pattern, the Rainwave™ applicator achieves a wider spread and produces larger droplets, meaning virtually no wind drift, so effluent nutrients are spread evenly.

What's more, by using the Nevada Rainwave™, you'll get more from your nutrients!
How?  As the name suggests, the Rainwave™ uses low pressure to spread nutrients in a gentle rain pattern.  This reduces volitisation so nutrients are not lost to the atmosphere.

Benefits Of A Rainwave™


  • Ideal alternative to dropper booms
  • Large droplet size, so very minimal wind drift
  • Better nutrient use
  • Gentle low-pressure rain pattern
  • Better for the environment
  • Less pasture damage
  • Low application depth (1-10mm)
  • Safe tractor speeds (less than 7km/h)
  • High volume (100m3/h - 200m3/h)
  • Very even spread pattern
  • Low maintenance
  • Handles thick slurry (up to 20% solids)

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