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Nevada Electric Stirrers

Superior performance makes pond mixing easy
Trusted for Safety and Reliability

Superior performance makes pond mixing easy

The concept of a shore-mounted pond stirrer isn’t new, but Nevada has improved on it with superior mixing performance and extremely heavy-duty mounts, providing additional safety and reliability. The base allows for easy angle adjustment and 360 degree rotation to ensure optimum placement in the pond, and all maintenance can be safely carried out onshore.


Nevada Typhoon™ Propellor

Nevada Typhoon™ Propellor

The 3-blade Nevada propellors achieve 10 times higher performance than pumps or submerged motors at the same use of energy.
Enduro Block Bearings

Enduro Block Bearings

Nevada's oil infused wood bearings last longer than standard seals. They are specifically designed to withstand sustained agitation. The slurry can enter the bearings and help grease and cool the shaft, simultaneously.
Galvanised Frame

Galvanised Frame

Nevada pond stirrers are made of high-grade steel for strength and galvanised for durability.
Electric stirrers

Options to suit your style

There are six electric stirrer models available to suit most dairy effluent ponds, with power output ranging from 10 to 30 horsepower. While even the smallest model will get an entire average-sized pond swirling, the larger models are powerful enough to handle very large ponds in excess of 5,000,000 litres.

Nevada EL7 Electric Stirrers

The 7 metre EL range of stirrers is ideal for shallow ponds and sleep slopes. With power output ranging from 10 - 20 horsepower, even the smallest model will get an entire average sized pond swirling.
With a long 7.0m boom for excellent pond coverage, the EL710 is powerful enough to suit medium size effluent ponds. Easy angle adjustment from the shore-mounted base (Up & Down adjustment) and simple to pivot (Side to Side rotation) for optimum coverage. Reinforced slide bearing keeps shaft turning in tough mixing conditions for a rapid and extremely efficient mixing performance.
EL7 Series
EL71010hp7mYesEnduro BlockTyphoon™
EL71515hp7mYesEnduro BlockTyphoon™
EL72020hp7mYesEnduro BlockTyphoon™

Nevada EL9 Electric Stirrers

The 9 metre EL range of stirrers have an ultra heavy-duty slew ring base and are ideal for big ponds and gentle slopes.
The base allows for easy angle adjustment and 360 degree rotation to ensure optimum placement in the pond, and all maintenance can be safely carried out on shore. The 9 metre range is powerful enough to handle very large ponds in excess of 10,000,000 litres. 
EL9 Series
EL91515hp9mYesEnduro BlockTyphoon™
EL92020hp9mYesEnduro BlockTyphoon™
EL92525hp9mYesEnduro BlockTyphoon™
EL93030hp9mYesEnduro BlockTyphoon™

Optional Extras:

High Efficiency Shredder

High Efficiency Shredder

Optional high efficiency shredder for mulching vegetation.
Propellor Protection Ring

Propellor Protection Ring

Optional propellor protection ring and tyre attachment for lined ponds.

Other Configurations

Through the wall mixers

If you’ve got an above ground tank, adding a through the wall mixer will allow you to effectively mix the effluent without having equipment reaching over the wall.
You’ll be surprised at what a good job the Nevada turbo stir does.  Just back up your tractor to get it going, or better still, hook up an electric motor and achieve the best of both worlds - easy and effective!
Through the wall mixer
Submersible Stirrer

Nevada submersible mixers

Got a smaller storage tank with limited access? If your tank is less than 100m3, a submersible mixer is the way to go. Nevada submersible mixers may be small, but they still get the job done to provide a consistent mix of effluent for pumping.
Italian quality - tank/sump stirrers
1.5kw - 9.0kw: Huge velocity and mixing performance 
• Mixes solids with liquids so an even consistency gets through your pump 
• Prevents crusting 
• Prevents sludge build-up 
• Mounting system custom made for your tank/sump 
• Thermal protection 
• 10 metres of electrical cable
1.5kw - 9.0kw: Robust cast steel mixer 

Nevada Pedestal

Stirrers can be mounted to the Nevada Platform to suit above ground effluent storage tanks.

Success Stories

Our Nevada electric pond mixer easily disperses any crust build-up and creates a whirlpool and gets the whole pond moving so the crust can't form again. Our pond is as clear as a lake now.

Cameron Johnston, Taranaki Dairy Farmer

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We understand it's important to get the correct machine to suit your farming operation. Talk to us about your farm, and we can help select the right operation for your needs!

We are here for you.
Nevada products are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why all Nevada products are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited
Our commitment to the environment
Effluent accreditation is the Nationwide standard for compliant, high-quality, dairy effluent systems. Accreditation requires evidence and upkeep of high skill levels, knowledge and experience.
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