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Move and Spread

To be the best, you've got to have the best!  
Explore our range of move and spread equipment below...
Trusted for Safety and Reliability

Slurry Tankers

Manufactured from the highest-grade steel, and galvanised inside and out to provide heavy-duty performance that will last a lifetime.

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RainWave™ Drag Hose System

Amazingly simple and simply amazing. Spread high volumes of nutrient evenly, over longer distances.

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Dribble Bars

Experience high efficiency work rates, minimal soil compaction and no damage to field gaps or muddy roads with an umbilical pumping system.

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An easy, portable effluent irrigation solution to spread dairy effluent over a large area with a controlled application rate.

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Travelling Irrigators

Increase your pasture production by capitalising on your farm’s available resources - 2 great options to choose from!

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Stationary Rain Gun

A popular choice when needing to pump large volumes quickly. Ideal for poor draining soils or sloping land.

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Hydrants and Pipes

Our versatile range of hydrants will complement any hydrant system to help ensure superior performance.

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Pumps & pumping systems to provide the best performance and reliability to suit your effluent management needs.

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Hose Reelers

Random wrap and segmented mounted umbilical hose reelers to provide the optimum solution combining heavy duty strength and ease of use.

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Nevada Rainwave drag hose farm manure spreader

Finding you the ideal farm manure spreader

NZ Dairy Farmers have had to increase their production as demand for their products increases. Reliable, efficient and easy to use farm manure spreader equipment enables the reduction of your workload and simplifies the process of spreading nutrients to pasture. At Nevada, we understand the intense workload associated with dairy farming which is why we provide a variety of effluent management equipment that will help farmers achieve their goals.

Benefits of Slurry Spreaders

Acknowledging the importance of slurry or manure on modern-day farms is essential to the overall success. As a result, you must have a functioning effluent management system in place. Additionally, using that system ecologically at the correct time is critical. Hence the need for equipment to assist in spreading manure. 

  • Using slurry allows you to capitalise on its nutritional value. Instead of wasting nutrients that are required for efficient farming, using a spreader assists in distributing the slurry while saving on fertiliser. With the continuous rise in the cost of fertiliser, you’ll end up saving thousands of dollars.
  • A good slurry spreader will allow you more control over your application, ensuring you don’t break any council compliance rules, and making it easy to spread over even the most difficult landscapes.
  • Using the correct spreader for your situation means you’ll benefit from cost and time savings, while your pasture will benefit from a more efficient nutrient supply. Furthermore, you’ll extend your reach as the system supports covering more ground in less time, and you get much more from a day's work.
Nevada Slurry Tanker
Nevada Fertigator Effluent Spreader

What sets Nevada apart regarding effluent spreaders?

We’ve dedicated many years to manufacturing effluent management solutions for farmers across New Zealand. Over our years in operation, we’ve assisted over 3 000 kiwi farmers to manage their liquid and solid manure while remaining council compliant. 

  • We’ve developed the Nevada brand with equipment designed and built specifically to cope with New Zealand conditions. All components are engineered either here or in European countries such as Italy, Germany, and Ireland so you can rest assured you’re receiving high-quality equipment.
  • We have numerous items in our catalogue that will simplify life on the farm, including our spreading gear. Some of our notable equipment is the Drag Hose System with RainWave™ and the Slurry Tankers with RainWave™. All our effluent spreaders are efficient for spreading effluent and are available in various sizes to match your requirements.
  • As people who are passionate about farming, we realise that scraping up the capital to acquire such equipment can sometimes be difficult; hence we provide a no-deposit, lease-to-own option.

About Nevada

Established in 1986, we’ve been assisting kiwi farmers in improving their operations and simplifying their daily work. Our experience extends over 30 years in this industry so you can trust our knowledge and qualifications as accredited dairy effluent designers. To demonstrate our confidence in our products, we provide a two-year warranty.

Talk to a Nevada specialist about an effective effluent system for your farm.

Talk to a Nevada Specialist

It's important to get the correct equipment to suit your farming operation, and understand how it will work for you. Contact us and talk to a Nevada specialist - we might even be able to see if we can arrange a demo in your area!

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I’ve had experience using other tankers, but I prefer Nevada over any other brand. I move a lot of product in a very short time with the Ezi-Load system.

Paul Neumann, Northland Contractor
We are here for you.
Nevada products are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why all Nevada products are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited
Yes, We're Accredited!
Nevada are Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited by Irrigation NZ! This means we've been assessed (and passed with flying colours) on our competency and skills in all the important things to provide you with top notch advice - read more here
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