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Mounted Umbilical Hose Reelers

Heavy duty & robust

Mounted Umbilical Hose Reelers

New to Nevada - Tramspread reelers have been developed and perfected after many years of contracting to provide the optimum solution combining heavy duty strength and ease of use.

Both random wrap and segmented mounted umbilical hose reelers are available, and all are fitted with a heavy duty, 3 point linkage and a female Quick fit ‘A’ frame. When the male ‘A’ frame is located it is secured by two loose fitting pins.
Mounted Umbilical Hose Reelers

Random Wrap Hose Reelers

Tramspread dribble bars

LRB 800

The 600m version has a detachable spool which is easily and quickly removed from the heavy duty and robust carrying frame by removing two securing pins, lowering the reel to the ground and moving away. One frame can serve several spools. The spool is rotated by a heavy duty motor and gear drive powered hydraulically from the tractor, giving a positive and controlled recovery and laying out of the hose with no over-run. A large trough in the centre of the spool is used for easy loading of drag hose and couplings.
  • Holds 800m of 3", 600m of 4", or 500m of 5" layflat hose
  • Random wrap
  • Single hydraulic drive
  • Removable spools
  • Ideal for medium size systems
  • Includes optional hose guide 

TS 1000

The 1000m version has all the features of the 600m and in addition, has twin hydraulic drive to give increased power to hose recovery which allows longer lengths of drag hose to be recovered at any one time. This reeler can comfortably hold up to either 1000m of 4” hose, 800m of 5” hose, 600m of 6” hose or a mixture of when using the easily attached partitions.

  • Holds 1000m of 4", 800m of 5", or 600m of 6" layflat hose
  • Front or rear mounted
  • Random wrap
  • Double hydraulic drive
  • Removable spools 
Tramspread dribble bars

Heavy Duty Segmented Hose Reelers

Segmented hose reeler

Heavy Duty Segmented Hose Reelers are available in capacities of 1000m, 1200m, and 1400m

With galvanised reels hydraulically operated from both tractor and reeler to allow controlled recovery and laying out with no over-run. Each segment holds 200m of 4 inch or 5" drag hose.

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Nevada products are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why all Nevada products are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
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