• ‘The stirrer is certainly effective. Everything is swirling within a few of minutes. And with the new pump everything’s flowing nicely, and the irrigators are back to normal.’
  • ‘The crust was so thick the birds were walking on it. In half an hour the crust was gone.’
  • ‘You were the only ones who had one that looked like it would get the whole pond swirling.’
    Ian & Andrew Bell
  • ‘The advice was spot on. I was a bit surprised how much of a difference a good stirrer in the right location can make. It’s definitely worth consulting with specialists with a proven record.’
  • 'The stirrer is awesome. I had a massive crust when it went in, but not anymore. Best thing ever. It's perfect. Wish I bought one sooner!'

For Superior Mixing Performance. 

Pond Stirrers - Upgrade your effluent management with Nevada's electric effluent pond stirrers. Efficient, safe & reliable with 10x higher performance.


Nevada revolutionises shore-mounted electric effluent pond stirrers with superior mixing performance, heavy-duty mounts for added safety and reliability, easy angle adjustment, 270 degree rotation, and onshore maintenance for optimum pond placement. Learn more about our range of 7 and 9 metre electric effluent pond stirrers below. 

Nevada EL7 Electric Pond Stirrer

Nevada EL7
- 7m Range


The 7 metre electric range of effluent pond stirrers is ideal for shallow ponds and steep slopes. With power output ranging from 10 - 20 horsepower, even the smallest model will get an entire average sized pond swirling.



With a long 7.0m boom for excellent pond coverage, the EL710 is powerful enough to suit medium size effluent ponds. Easy angle adjustment from the shore-mounted base (Up & Down adjustment) and simple to pivot (Side to Side rotation) for optimum coverage. Reinforced slide bearing keeps shaft turning in tough mixing conditions for a rapid and extremely efficient mixing performance.


Price range (ex GST) $16,600 - $17,400 NZD

EL7 Model Specifications

Power 10hp15hp20hp
BearingsEnduro BlockEnduro BlockEnduro Block


Nevada ELZ9
- 9m Range


The 9 metre electric range of effluent pond stirrers have an ultra heavy-duty slew ring base and are ideal for big ponds and gentle slopes.


The base allows for easy angle adjustment and 270 degree rotation to ensure optimum placement in the pond, and all maintenance can be safely carried out on shore. The 9 metre range is powerful enough to handle very large ponds in excess of 10,000,000 litres. 


Price range (ex GST) $20,800 - $23,800 NZD

Nevada EL9 Electric Pond Stirrer

EL9 Model Specifications

BearingsEnduro BlockEnduro BlockEnduro BlockEnduro Block


Standard Features


Below are the standard quality features you can expect from a Nevada Electric Pond Stirrer.


Additional options are available where required, including over-wall options.

More Info

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