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Effluent Pumps

The best performance and reliability
to suit your effluent management needs.
Trusted for Safety and Reliability

Effluent Pumps

An effective pump is the heart of any great dairy effluent system.  Breakdowns are a pain, so it’s important performance and reliability are a must.  What’s more - no two farms are the same.
Nevada can help you select a effluent pump/pumping system that will provide the best performance and reliability to suit your effluent management needs.  We have access to a huge range of quality effluent pumps including tractor, electric and engine drive pumps.
Pump set

Tractor Drive Effluent Pumps

No electricity at the pump site?  No worries - grab your tractor and we’ll hook you up with a tractor drive pump.  Great where higher capacity pumps are needed, or if you need a mobile system for moving between several pump sites, a tractor drive effluent pump is also
handy as a back up pump in power failure or pump breakdown situations. 
Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump
When constant flow is important, a PC pump is a good solution.  Regardless of elevation, the flow will remain constant, with no manual priming required.  These are a much more efficient option to the centrifugal pump options.
Flow10m3/h - 480m3/h
Pressure4 bar - 16 bar
Tractor requirements30HP to 150HP
Mounting options3 point linkage. Trailer mount.
Centrifugal Pump
Flow20m3/h - 300m3/h
Pressure4 bar - 14 bar
Tractor requirements60HP to 180HP
Mounting options3 point linkage. Trailer mount.

Electric Effluent Pumps

Welcome to the world of automation, where your running and operating costs are reduced, and you’ve got less to worry about!  If you’ve got sufficient electricity running to the site - this could be you!  Electric drive pumps will suit most irrigator systems with flow requirements up to 50m3/h.
Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump
An excellent choice for shore mount applications, the PC pump is a great solution where constant flow is important, regardless of elevation.  This is a much more efficient solution than centrifugal pump options.
Flow5m3/h - 36m3/h
Pressure4 bar - 16 bar
Power requirements4kw to 18.5kw
Mounting optionsShore mount stainless steel base on concrete
Floating Centrifugal Pump
These high pressure pumps will suit your irrigation needs. High flow and low pressure options provide effective solutions for effluent transfer and feeding solids separators.
Flow5m3/h - 60m3/h
Pressure3 bar - 8 bar
Power requirements4kw to 22kw
Shore Mount Centrifugal Pump
Flow5m3/h - 60m3/h
Pressure3 bar - 14 bar
Power requirements4kw to 22kw
Mounting optionsShore mount stainless steel base on concrete
Submersible Pump
Great for transferring effluent and feeding solids separators, submersible pumps are also an excellent option for pumping from small sumps like underpass storage.
Flow5m3/h - 60m3/h
Pressure3 bar - 14 bar
Power requirements1.5kw - 5kw
ApplicationTank mount sliding frame available

Engine Drive Effluent Pumps

A semi-permanent pumping solution for when theres no tractor or electricity available. Great when you need a mobile option for multiple farms. 
Diesel Centrifugal Pump
If you’re needing a high capacity pump without electricity, these are for you!  Designed specifically to suit a drag hose system with RainWave™, there are remote engine controls available and lockable, semi-silent engine enclosures are standard.
Flow20m3/h - 300m3/h
Pressure4 bar - 14 bar
Engine requirements60HP - 250HP
Mounting optionsTrailer or skid mount
Petrol Centrifugal Pump
Suitable for transfer of effluent.
Flow10m3/h - 100m3/h
PressureUp to 3 bar
Engine requirements3HP - 10HP
Mounting optionsSkid mount

It’s [effluent management] not just a cost. If it was just a cost most people wouldn’t want to do it. It’s the payback that makes it interesting.

Victor McIntyre, Waitui, Taranaki

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