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For enhanced  soil fertility
Trusted for Safety and Reliability


AddGreen™ is an additional supplement which can be added to effluent for increased soil fertility and fast results.

How to apply AddGreen
Why use AddGreen™ with effluent?

Most farm dairy effluent (FDE) is found to have too much potassium for the amount of nitrogen it contains.  When used to achieve the desired nitrogen levels for optimum soil fertility and pasture growth, the excess potassium creates a nutrient imbalance.  Although excess potassium is not toxic, it does compete with the magnesium found in both the soil and the cows themselves.  AddGreen™ works to balance the nitrogen/potassium ratio to achieve the optimum nutrients for soil fertility and pasture growth.

How is it applied?


As the name implies, AddGreen™ is  simply added to your effluent prior to spreading on pasture.  It is generally recommended to apply 4 to 6 applications per year over dairy and beef pasture.  For best results, spread using a RainWave™ spreader to allow a light, even application.

AddGreen +Organic
A complex blend of mineral and organic ingredients specially formulated to provide rapid response and sustained soil fertility.

Feed the soil and let the soil feed your plants.  Healthy, nutritious crops promote healthy animals and improved disease resistance.


  • Supplement effluent for better fertility over the whole farm
  • Minimise waste
  • Balanced nutrition for healthier stock (less metabolics)
  • Contains natural stickers for improved crop penetration
  • Foliar and soil absorption
  • Less volatisation
  • Made in NZ (since 1980’s)
  • Typical NPK = 15-6-0 + Sulfur
Dairy & Beef PastureFoliar SprayFertigation
4 to 6 applications per year @30L/haApply through conventional spray equipment 30L/ha in 1000L of water. AddGreen can be injected into effluent irrigation water at rates from 1:300 to 1:2000 depending on irrigation depth.
Apply to recently grazed pasture.Compatible with most pesticides & herbicides.Apply all year round, especially when extra nitrogen is required for pasture growth.
Add 30L/10,000L of effluent and spread using Nevada RainWave™at 6km/h.Test with a small trial before mixing a tank full.
For higher effluent applications AddGreen can be reduced proportionately.Avoid spraying in hot weather or during dry conditions.
AddGreen +Organic
Seaweed and fish based formulation that stimulates and fortifies soil biology for healthier pasture. Bio-gro certified.

AddGreen™ +Organic contains some plant available nutrients and a smorgasbord of vitamins, amino acid, cytokinin, carbohydrates, minerals and proteins essential for healthy soil.  Feed the soil, and let the soil feed your plants.


  • Suitable for organic farming – 3-0-1 Bio gro certified
  • Produced in NZ from sustainably harvested seaweed and fish
  • Cold processed to ensure all beneficial organisms and food sources are retained
  • Made in NZ 
Typical Nutrient Content

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