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New Zealand's Best Slurry Tankers


Invest in the best slurry tanker for your farming operation! Single, tandem and tridem axle slurry tankers. 6,150L (1300 Gallon) to 37,000L (8000 Gallon). Find your slurry tanker here...


If you're looking for the best slurry tanker to maximise the use of your effluent nutrients and achieving a healthier, more profitable farm, you're in the right place. 


  • Get the job done fast with our easy-to-pull tankers and Ezi-Load filling arms.
  • Apply nutrients with precision using our RainWave applicators, designed for controlled and accurate spreading.
  • Invest in a product built to last with high-grade steel construction, full galvanization, and double coat protection. 


Experience the benefits of a greener farm with Nevada Slurry Tankers. Check out the range below...

Single Axle Slurry Tankers


Nevada Single Axle Slurry Tankers are a great choice if you’ve got a smaller farm or farm with softer soils. Manoeuvring in and around gateways and other tight access areas is a breeze, and you’ll find less scuffing on grass (although a lot of Nevada tandem axle tankers have a steering axle) If you’ve only got a smaller tractor, or can only shift 6,150 – 10,000 litres (1300 - 2200 Gallons) a single axle will easily do the job!


Price range (ex GST) $51,100 - $74,900 NZD

Single Axle Models & Specs

 Tank Size 6,150L
(1300 Gallon)
(1800 Gallon)
(2200 Gallon)
 Length 5.9m  6.3m  7.2m
 Pump  8,000L 8,000L  13,500L Ballast
 Axle Type Single Single Extra HD
 Wheels  550/45-22.5  550/60-22.5  650/55R26.5
 Suspension  Drawbar optional  Drawbar optional  Axle & drawbar
 Autofill  Optional  Optional  Standard Front Mount


Tandem Axle Slurry Tankers


Got a larger farm with medium to large storage? A tractor around 100 – 200HP? Then a Nevada Tandem Axle Slurry Tanker is the one for you!


Tandem axle slurry tankers will perform better over rolling country than a single axle. With more wheels there is less ground pressure, so you’re less likely to get stuck in the paddock or mess the grass. Plus with the ability to cart loads of 10,000 litres and more, you’ll be getting the job done a lot job quicker!


Price range (ex GST) $92,500 - $134,500 NZD


Tandem Axle Models & Specs

 Tank Size 7,900L
(1700 Gallon)
(2200 Gallon)
(2800 Gallon)
(3200 Gallon)
(3600 Gallon)
 Length 6.7m  7.2m  7.4m  7.9m  8.4m
 Pump  8,000L 13,500L Ballast  13,500L Ballast 13,500L Ballast  16,000L Ballast
 Axle Type Tandem Tandem Tandem with 1 steering Tandem with 1 steering Tandem with 1 steering
 Wheels  550/45-22.5  550/60-22.5  550/60-22.5  550/60-22.5  560/60-22.5
 Suspension  Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar
 Autofill  Standard Front Mount  Standard Front Mount  Standard Front Mount  Standard Front Mount  Standard Front Mount


Tridem Axle Slurry Tankers


These giants are the ultimate slurry tanker if you’ve got large or multiple farms.  Tractors above 200HP will have no trouble pulling these slurry tankers. Steering axles ensure they’re very manoeuvrable even while moving 20,000 litres or more of effluent at once.  With 6 wheels on the ground there’s a lot less ground pressure, making them suitable on flat and gentle rolling land.


Price range (ex GST) $174,500 - $290,000 NZD

Tridem Axle Models & Specs

Tank Size 18,250L
(4000 Gallon)
(4400 Gallon)
(4900 Gallon)
(5500 Gallon)
(6800 Gallon)
(7500 Gallon)
(8000 Gallons) 
Length 8.8m 8.8m  9.2m  9.2m  9.6m  10.4m  10.4m
Pump 16,000L 16,000L  18,000L  18,000L  18,000L  18,000L  18,000L
Axle Type Triple with
2 steering
Triple with
2 steering
Triple with
2 steering
Triple with
2 steering
Triple with
2 steering
Triple with
2 steering
Triple with
2 steering 
Wheels 550/60-22.5 550/60-22.5  550/60-22.5  560/60-22.5  600/55-26.5  600/55-26.5  710/50-26.5
Suspension Axle & drawbar Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar  Axle & drawbar
Autofill Standard Front Mount Standard Front Mount Standard Front Mount Standard Front Mount Standard Front Mount Standard Front Mount Standard Front Mount


Standard Features


Below are the standard quality features you can expect from a Nevada Slurry Tanker.

Additional options are available where required, including alternative loading arms & accelorators, pumps or a range of applicators.

Nevada Ezi-load System


This auto-filling arm is standard on 10,000L and larger tankers. Filling up your slurry tanker is a breeze with the addition of the Nevada Ezi-load system. It can be operated from the comfort of the tractor seat - all you have to do is align the auto-filling arm with the large pond-side filling station, and drop it in. 

Loading time depends on the size of the slurry tanker and pump capacity, but the Ezi-load will typically take only a few minutes to completely fill the tank. The arm is then lifted (again from the tractor seat)  and the slurry tanker is ready to begin spreading to the desired location. We call this the Stop, Drop and Go system!


Slurry Tanker Parts


We've got all the parts and components you need to keep your Nevada slurry tanker in good working order. 


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