Effluent Sand & Stone Traps

Recommended by most regional councils for all effluent collection areas.

Effluent Sand & Stone Traps

Effluent Sand & Stone Traps


Stone/sand traps are your ultimate tool for the separation of silt and sand from water in all wash down areas.  In fact, they’re recommended by most regional councils for all effluent collection areas.  They help to prevent sludge build-up, saving your pond from having to be cleaned out so often.  Plus, the reduction of silt and sand will extend the life of your pumping and irrigation equipment. 


For the best of the best, we recommend going for 1 piece pre-cast construction.  This means no potential leaking from joins, and a faster installation.  1 piece also means added strength and stability. Multiple soft spots provide more flexibility to position your inlets and outlets to provide maximum solids separation performance. Inlets and outlets should be offset to create greater swell movements by slowing water velocity.

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