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When you're looking to invest in the install or upgrade of dairy effluent systems and equipment, you want to get it right the first time. As accredited effluent system designers with over 30 years experience, we're here to support you in getting the systems and equipment you need for an efficient, effective, council compliant effluent management system that'll enhance the value of your farm.

Effluent Management System Design


If you’re in the position of needing a new effluent management system planned and designed, then it’s a very exciting place to be! The amalgamation of farms, new cow sheds, or whatever the reason may be provide the opportunity to enhance your operations, making them more efficient, effective and future-proofed.


Nevada’s effluent management specialists are Farm Dairy Effluent (FDE) System Design Accredited and have a proven track record when it comes to designing systems that ‘get it right the first time’. Every farm, and farmer is unique, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We’ll work with you, asking the right questions to get to know your farm, your goals, and how you intend to operate to develop a new effluent management system design to match.

DESC – Dairy Effluent Storage Calculations


Nevada’s here to make sure your effluent system ticks all the boxes, and we aim to futureproof it so the boxes remain ticked for years to come!

Nevada specialists can provide you with a DESC to be put with your Farm Environment Plan (FEP). These are important not only for council compliance, but also if you are needing to submit a consent application.

Effluent Pond/Storage Planning & Placement


Need more effluent storage? No worries! We can help with all aspects of effluent pond/storage planning and placement including:


  • DESC – Dairy Effluent Storage Calculations
  • Choosing the best type of effluent storage
  • Deciding on the best size to suit your farm’s long-term goals
  • Advice on placement, pond lining and council compliance
  • Integration with new or existing systems - stone traps, sumps, weeping walls, pipes/hydrants, pumps and stirrers
  • Project management  


Restructuring Existing Effluent Systems


Transforming an old effluent management system into an efficient, effective system that brings value to a farm is something we are passionate about!


Opportunities to revamp and restructure an existing system are often seen when:


  • You’re outgrowing the old system (more storage needed, need to spread further etc)
  • Equipment is old and needs upgrading
  • The existing system is simply not working/not effective, and nutrients are being wasted
  • You’d like to be more efficient and reduce labour/running costs
  • Council compliance rules have changed
Nevada’s effluent management specialists will assess your existing infrastructure and equipment, your farm’s layout, operations, and any unique attributes, council compliance considerations, and talk to you about your goals to help formulate a plan to restructure your existing effluent management system and get you where you want to be.

Re-purposing Redundant Systems


If you’ve got redundant systems such as old treatment ponds, or sumps that are no longer needed, talk to us! These systems may not have the use they were originally intended for, but it doesn’t mean they are USELESS. In fact, they can often be re-purposed to add value to your new effluent system.


Existing Effluent System Improvements


Looking to enhance your existing effluent management system? You’ve come to the right place!


Talk to the Nevada team about your goals, and we’ll be more than happy to advise on the best way to achieve them. We’re specialists in dairy effluent management, and farm dairy effluent system design accredited, so you can be confident we’ve got the knowledge and knowhow to help tweak your effluent management system to meet your goals.


Our approach is to develop effluent management systems that are simple, but effective in making the most of your effluent nutrients while keeping costs low, productivity high, and remaining council compliant.

Systems With Resource Consent Applications


Have you got a resource consent coming up for renewal? Whether you’re needing a DESC, some tweaks to the system, or you’re looking for advice and a plan on how you could do things differently, we’re here to help.


Nevada are specialists in dairy effluent management, and farm dairy effluent system design accredited, so you can be confident we’ve got the knowledge and knowhow to plan an effluent management system that keeps costs low, productivity high, and is council compliant.


Project Management & Installations


You’ve got enough on your plate running the farm, and we want to make sure your project turns out exactly like we’ve planned, so we’re happy to take hassle out of project management. Nevada have the knowledge and experience to get everything in place, organise contractors, negotiate pricing, and make sure it’s all done right at no extra cost to you. And you have a trusted contractor you prefer to use, great! Who better to work with than someone who knows the farm well.

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