Electric Pond Stirrer: Ross Gets Nutrients Where They Need To Be

Ross Fieten operates a successful dairy farm in Southland. But when it came to effluent management he had an issue with soilds building up in the pond...


Ross’ effluent management system initially consisted of a nice 25m x 25m effluent pond for storage, and a pumping system with travelling irrigator for spreading. With no pond stirrer, Ross was getting a contractor in to do the job. While the contractor did a good job of it, in between visits the pond was filling with solids, crust was forming, and it smelt. Ross was also concerned he wasn’t utilising the nutrients that were getting left behind when spreading.


Something needed to be done. Ross did his research and contacted Nevada about getting a stirrer of his own.


With electricity available at the pond the obvious choice was an electric stirrer. This would also allow for automatic, regular stirring without being labour intensive. The Nevada EL915 suited the pond size and shape as it has a slight batter, so the 9m shaft is able to get the right angle to get the whole pond swirling.

  • 'I bought it because it’s much better than a PTO one and it’s a top product.’
    Ross Fieten
    Dairy Farmer, Southland
Nevada EL915 electric pond stirrer

Lloyd (Nevada) planned the ideal location for the stirrer, and Ross did most of the install himself. 

  • ‘It was easy to install. We laid the concrete pad and installed the stirrer ourselves and just got the electrician in to hook it up.’

Ross is more than happy with the results…

  • ‘It’s a quiet, simple operation. Very effective. Get nutrients on the paddock where they need to be. If I was doing it again, I would do the same again.’

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