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Nigel Smith Dairy farmer and Contractor - Taranaki

Great for putting effluent on crop paddocks. Conveniently cart dairy effluent from the pond to the paddock.


Nigel Smith has been dairy farming in North Taranaki for many years. The family mostly run the farms now, so Nigel has time to do a bit of contracting as well.

He likes to get effluent onto the crop paddocks and says the Nevada MB140 Slurry Tanker is ideal for this. It is fast, easy to use, and very stable on the hills. Both farms have rolling hills, so safety is very important.

The MB140 fills in just four minutes, and with the steering axle, it is easy on the farm race and paddocks. He likes the fact that they can put effluent anywhere on the farm - “much further that the pumping guys”, says Nigel.

He finds the MB140 a good size for their farms. It is big enough to be efflicient, and small enough to be safe.

“I like the Nevada (tanker) because it is easy to use, Fast filling, and very stable on the hills.”

Phone Nevada to find out more on: 0800 464 393
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