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Frank Collier, Dairy Farmer - Ohakea

It’s a good way of doing it. Taking solids out is unnecessary


'It’s a good way of doing it. Taking solids out is unnecessary'

Frank Collier, Dairy Farmer - Ohakea

Located in Sanson, Frank runs a 250ha sheep and beef farm with approximately 400 Winter Dairy Grazers cows. 

Running a feedpad, and separating out the solids was a time consuming daily process, and Frank was looking to maximise efficiency and cut down costs, so he contacted Nevada.  Now with a 6 million litre pond, TurboStir 7000 PTO stirrer and electric pump, he wouldn’t look back.  Here’s his story…

Tell us a bit about your farm and how you were managing effluent before

It’s a sheep/beef farm mainly trading in lambs and we’ve had a feed pad that we used to feed angus cattle on, and we’ve since changed that and we are now wintering up to 400 cows for approximately 13-14 weeks on a concrete pad.

Before that we used to separate out the solids out with a solids separator.  It took a long time so we decided we wanted to put a big effluent pond in, 6 million litres, and be able to pump straight into there.  Buying the Nevada pond stirrer has enabled us to do that, and then we can pump all the effluent out.  We found the separator high maintenance, extra work and it didn’t get the best results from the effluent.

What made you choose Nevada?

I rang Nevada with a severe crust problem.  Nevada wanted to put a stirrer to the test, and it cleaned the pond perfectly.  I had my doubts before they came as to whether it would do it. It was a breeze.

It’s less time consuming.  The separators took a long time to process, we were scraping out every day, and collecting all the effluent, so it was costing money that way. It’s [effluent] much easier to deal with.  Now we can just put it straight into the pond, and we don’t have to worry about it until we pump it out to spread at the other end. 

What improvements have you noticed since you got the TurboStir 7000?

This year we’ve only done a little bit of pumping, but before that we would have had to pump for 3 or 4 weeks for maize and barley.

What would you say to other farmers looking to improve their effluent management?

We’ve got a 7m one [pond stirrer] which is great.  I wouldn’t go any shorter than that when you’ve got a reasonable sized pond.  I think it’s a good way of doing it, taking the solids out is unnecessary.  This seems to be working well.


Frank Collier, Dairy Farmer - Ohakea
At a Glance
RegionSanson, Manawatu
Farm size250ha
ContourFlat to very gentle rolling near Ohakea Air Base
No. of cows400 Winter Dairy Grazers
InputsHigh intensity – beef fattening block as well as Winter dairy grazing
Pond size6,000,000 litres
Products purchasedTurboStir 7000 PTO Stirrer, Positive displacement electric pump
Frank Collier

We worked on a 40x40m pond with a crust so thick you could walk on it. We had another brand of stirrer on it which did nothing; so we put our Nevada on it and the whole pond was swirling within about 15 hours.

Wayne King, Tokoroa Contractor
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