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Mountain Prize Winners - Paul and Lisa Spark, Rangiora

Nevada Stirrer liquifies two and a half foot pond crust in two hours.

“Last year our pond crusted and we had to do something really, really, quickly!” 

Paul and Lisa live in Rangiora. Their old system consisted of a sump without storage and with 1300 cows, storage is essential. They installed a lined million litre pond last year and all was well until it crusted over.

They didn’t know what to do.

Paul got a digger in to scoop the crusted effluent from the sides but that ended up being a waste of time. He knew he needed a stirrer so he rang a company in Canterbury but their stirrers were too expensive.

The matter was getting urgent when he came across a Nevada TurboStir on Trade-me. He lost the bid so rang Nevada directly to order. He chose a Nevada TurboStir 6000 because it was competitively priced.

Paul said that by this stage he didn’t hold much hope for the pond.

"It was seriously crusted. I’m talking two and a half feet. You could walk on top of it and it held up”
There was so much crust, they dropped the Nevada TurboStir 6000 in and let it get to work, hoping for the best. The pond started rotating the crust and one by one, another foot would break off and get turned up by the Typhoon™ Propellor. Paul was thrilled with how it worked.

“It was incredible, two hours later it was completely stirred up.” 

The next day a smaller crust had formed overnight, so Paul ran the stirrer another two times over four days. That was all it took to get rid of the crust and turn the pond completely liquid.

Now if it ever happens again, they have the Nevada TurboStir 6000 on hand.

Paul and Lisa are pretty excited about winning our Nevada Competition. They plan on using their accommodation voucher next Autumn, when there are not so many calves about.

The two and a half foot surface crust on Paul’s effluent pond was no match for the Nevada TurboStir 6000.

Do you think a Nevada Stirrer could improve your farming operation? Phone Nevada to find out 0800 464 393
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