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Peter Bengston, Contractor - Eketahuna

Peter Isn't Mucking Around!

As a contractor in Eketahuna there's no room for mucking around...

Peter Bengston's in hot demand when it comes to farmers wanting their effluent ponds emptied and nutrients spread in Eketahuna.

He's recently upgraded his slurry tanker to a Nevada 12,800L autofill with RainWave™ spreader.

"My old 10,000L tanker had simply become inefficient.  It bucked hard on the tractor, and was damaging the tracks and races.”

With all the contracting work, Peter was could easily see the old tanker had done it's dash, and that it was time for an upgrade.  So he did some serious research...

"If I was going to invest in a new machine, I wanted one with higher quality.  I researched them all [tanker brands], and came back to the Nevada because it's got good steering, is good to operate, and it's galvanised."  
Nevada 12,800L Slurry Tanker with Rainwave effluent spreader
Nevada 12,800L Slurry Tanker with Rainwave effluent spreader

Now Peter's been using his new 12,800L Nevada tanker for a while, and put it through it's paces, he can safely say he'd recommend it to other contractors and farmers...

"It's great for the contracting, or for farmers wanting to empty their ponds when they want.  You can see the huge advantages in grass growth when nutrients are spread at the optimum time."

What's next on the cards for Peter?

"Next will be a Nevada stirrer!"

It [The Nevada Tanker] would’ve halved our time that it usually takes to empty our pond.

John Mills, Manawatu
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