Brian and Ross Williams in South Taranaki

Brian and Ross Williams are a father and son team situated in South Taranaki where they operate on 130 hectares with 400 cows on flat to rolling land. When consent was up, they looked for a local and trustworthy company that could help them run their dairy farm with efficiency.

The farm previously relied on a system that was put in place 30 years ago with the cow shed being located 500 meters away [from the effluent pond]. Occasionally Brian and Ross would call in a local contractor who would suck the ponds out for them in order to spread the effluent onto the paddocks. When their compliance was up, they knew it would be a larger expense to connect power down to the ponds for a travelling irrigator system that met compliance.

Nevada TurboStir 6000 PTO Pump stirring and Effluent Pond and a Nevada Tandem Slurry Tanker

Instead of opting for a higher expense and more complex installation, Brian and Ross called Nevada to find the right system for the job. They opted to utilise their 112-horsepower tractor to pull a Nevada 12,800L Tandem Slurry Tanker that could manage two to three loads a day every fortnight.

Utilising a Nevada slurry tanker system helped them cut costs and share the responsibility of spreading effluent evenly to all paddocks. Brian noted that, “We chose Nevada cause they are local and I like supporting local businesses. I’ve certainly read enough about the equipment and seen enough of their tankers throughout the country to know that they’re good.”

Brian and Ross Williams standing proudly infront of their Nevada Tandem Slurry Tanker

They found a slurry tanker was easy to operate and could manage spreading effluent across 90% of the paddocks with a good natural fertiliser that comes directly from the cows on their farm. Instead of applying effluent in the same place every time, a Nevada tanker system helps them reach poor paddocks and spread effluent evenly.

With no challenges setting up the system, they have owned a Nevada 12,800L Tandem Slurry Tanker and a Nevada TurboStir 6000 PTO Pond Stirrer for nine months. They enjoy the assurance of Nevada’s team only being a phone call away to help with any issues they may have. Both Brian and Ross would recommend Nevada to other farmers who are looking to put in a reliable and efficient effluent system that makes it easy to meet compliance. In Brian’s words,”This 12,800 litre Nevada slurry tanker does the job.”

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