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Lew Ringrose Dairy Farmer/Stock Foods Supplier - Whangerei

Regular effluent distribution to the pasture is the answer.


Lew Ringrose, in Whangarei had no previous dairy effluent system for his 200ha farm. With a contour of mainly flat to rolling, the 240 cows on his farm are fed mainly from pasture and a compound feed from the mill. Due to the lack of an effluent system, Lew had to use a contractor once a year to pump effluent from a generally caked pond, and transferred to the pasture using the contractor’s slurry tanker. Lew decided this option was not making effective use of the highly nutritious nutrients that were available to the farm, and contacted Nevada to seek advice.

He decided to purchase a Nevada EL920 (9m Shore-mounted Pond Stirrer) complete with liner protection kit, and Nevada PB900 9m PondBoom™ complete with Yardmaster 20HP Centrifugal Pump. Lew’s son, being an electrician, was happy that the electric pond stirrer was able to be set to run without the need for a tractor and PTO option, saving time, plus enabling the pond to be stirred much more regularly.

The Nevada PondBoom gave Lew the peace-of-mind that he could pump effluent safely, without the need to venture out onto the pond, and the ability to wind the pump onto the bank for easy maintenance, was an added bonus.

Lew’s farm now benefits from the ability to easily and regularly distribute the valuable dairy effluent to his pasture, and he is really happy with the results he’s seeing - Lew agrees that it’s a very effective and economical option.

“It’s a very economical option - we’re now pumping effluent really well - it’s a nice, tidy package.”

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