Slurry Tanker: Fabian’s Saving Time with a Slurry Tanker

Sharemilking on his Uncle’s Otorohanga dairy farm, Fabian values efficiency. Frustrated with shifting irrigators, he needed a better effluent spreading solution…

With a large 12 million litre storage pond, there’s plenty of effluent to manage. Spread over rolling country, the farm is set up with a travelling irrigator and hard hose reel as well as a weeping wall with access to solid spreaders if needed. But Fabian was finding either system time consuming and messy.

  • ‘Moving the travelling irrigator isn’t a quick task, it’s messy, and then you have to go back and move it again after a few hours.’

Fabian liked the idea of a slurry tanker. He enjoys driving the tractor, and a slurry tanker would be a 1 person, 1 machine operation. After doing his research, the Nevada slurry tanker stood out from the rest.

  • ‘A standout feature was definitely the RainWave. We’ve had experience with rain guns and the smell and drift can be a problem in our area. The RainWave keeps the drift down and it’s really accurate.’

Fabian purchased a 12,800L Nevada Tandem Slurry Tanker and says it’s ticked all the boxes. He’s now able to spread over much more of the farm, and much more efficiently than he was before.

  • ‘The slurry tanker is by far the most efficient. We’re consistently doing 4 loads an hour. I was surprised how easy it is to pull.’

Since getting the slurry tanker Fabian no longer needs to use the travelling irrigator or solid spreader. The slurry tanker can suck the solids while they’re still a slurry from the weeping wall, and they’re able to spread over the entire farm.

Nevada 12,800L Slurry Tanker

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