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Darryl Hickey, Dairy Farmer - South Taranaki

Sometimes bigger is best


Sometimes bigger is best!

Darryl Hickey, Dairy Farmer - South Taranaki

Going bigger was the logical choice for Darryl Hickey...

As Darryl's business has grown, so has his machinery - it's only logical 

Located in South Taranaki, Darryl Hickey has grown his dairy farming business to include 3 farms, and 2,000 milking cows.  As you can imagine, that means he's got a lot of effluent to manage.

Darryl's always used a slurry tanker to spread the effluent over all 3 farms, but the 10,000 litre manual fill was too slow and messy for the amount of ground he needed to cover.  Coming from a family of farmers, it's really handy when your brother has already experienced a good thing - Graham already has a Nevada 14,700L slurry tanker, so he'd seen first hand how they operate, so gave Nevada a call.

With several creeks and drains around the farms, a Darryl finds a slurry tanker to be a better method of spreading than spray irrigation.

"You've just got much more control, so there's less chance of getting into waterways"

While Darryl could have gone for a 14,700L tanker, Graham suggested he upsize to a 16,500L.  He's already got bigger tractors, so a bigger tanker to spread even more was just logical.

"I'd seen them [Nevada slurry tankers] in action on my brother's farm, so already knew what I'd be getting - they're strong, well built, fast and easy to use. But the logical choice was to go bigger. We needed something hassle free, that'd get the job done faster with less mess.”

It's a perfect one farm, one man operation.

Joe Ullenburg, Contractor, Taranaki
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