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Kevin Hull, Dairy Farmer - Masterton

Superb Dairy Effluent management made possible with the following ingredients…


Kevin’s daughter, found Nevada on a list of accredited companies on DairyNZ’s website. Accredited companies are qualified to design dairy effluent management systems, and because we were so keen and knowledgeable, they picked Nevada over six other contenders. 

When considering Kevin’s effluent management needs, there were three main points to take into account: He needed high pressure to pump effluent over long distances, and uphill. He needed a way to irrigate at low application. He needed a way to spread an even consistency of effluent. 

No. 1 of the three products to fit Kevin’s requirements was a progressive cavity pump. Inset in the ground, the pump is capable of enormous pressure of 90m which is more than enough pressure to pump dairy effluent to his irrigation block. He is looking forward to testing the pump’s capabilities up the back of this farm, which has a hilly contour.

Product No. 2 that Nevada recommended was a Greenback Magnum Irrigator. Kevin said the benefits and improvements are huge because of the big area they can now apply dairy effluent to in one run, compared to his old Plucks irrigator - as well as meeting Council requirements of low application.

Of course, what makes this dairy effluent management system possible is Kevin’s Nevada EL915 Electric Stirrer, product No. 3. 

Pumping to an irrigator requires an even effluent consistency to ensure the pipes and irrigator remain unclogged, and all the irrigated paddocks receive an even mixture of effluent nutrients. To achieve this they stir the pond a couple of times a week, as the stirrer is set on a timer. 

She [Nevada EL915] certainly serves her up, that’s for sure.
Good ingredients make a superb dairy effluent management system.

As Kevin said, it’s all going good!

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View the Nevada EL915 Electric Pond Stirrer 
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