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Your Go-To Dairy Effluent
Management Systems Specialists

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Your Go-To Dairy Effluent Management Systems Specialists

To say that dairy farming is huge in NZ would be an understatement. Dairy farming accounts for a significant portion of our economy, making over 13 billion dollars in 2017 alone with a milking cow population of around 4.8 million and growing.

At Nevada, we use our extensive industry knowledge and 30+ years experience as accredited dairy effluent management designers to help kiwi farmers unlock the value in their effluent nutrients with simple, robust, practical and cost-effective dairy effluent management systems. These systems help to keep our farmers competitive and compliant with dairy effluent management and environmental legislation along with local council compliance.

Effective dairy effluent management ensures a healthier, more productive, and profitable farming operation.
New Zealand Dairy Effluent Pond

The Importance of Effluent Management Systems

New Zealand are proud producers of more than 30% of the world’s milk solids. Producing this much requires a few million cows, which of course produce hundreds of tonnes effluent every year. Plants love a good drink of nutritious effluent, which helps with healthy growth.  In turn, the grass feeds the cows, and the more nutritious it is, the more efficiently they produce milk, and the more lucrative the farm becomes.

  • Effective dairy effluent treatment and management significantly lowers the capital outlay on feed by allowing the farm to produce its own high-quality feed. This production ensures that farms are more productive and profitable.
  • Effluent waste is thought to have considerable adverse impacts on the environment if it is not effectively managed. Dairy effluent management systems put liquid and solid waste back to use by collecting effluent and turning it into a product that is useful, valuable, and will save you money.
  • In light of environmental concerns, local councils and governments worldwide have put in place strict effluent compliance regulations which deal with the treatment and disposal of effluent waste at dairy farms. We implement the systems that you need to effectively deal with effluent and remain fully compliant with all relevant regulations.

What Sets Nevada Apart Regarding Dairy Effluent Management?

Nevada dairy effluent management systems have saved NZ dairy farmers millions of dollars over the years. In fact, effective effluent systems continue to make many dairy farmers a lot of money, by maximising profitability and productivity through the unlocking of value in the effluent nutrients at their disposal.

  • We are accredited dairy effluent system designers with 30+ years experience in NZ. Every farm is unique and has distinctive effluent management needs. We take into account your specific requirements to design the ideal solution that is practical and easily implementable on your farm.
  • No job is too big or too small. Whatever your effluent management needs, we have you covered. We offer a completely free - and obligation free - farm analysis service which will assess your needs and identify the ideal implementation and management solution for you. We provide professional advice and cost estimates which will help get your management system off the ground and running smoothly.
  • Our service is all-encompassing, including initial analyses, system design, and even council compliance advice. We offer everything from top quality parts and components to complete management systems. All our machinery and equipment are designed specifically for NZ conditions by top manufacturers from NZ, Italy, Ireland, and Germany to ensure optimal efficacy and reliability.

Why Nevada is Cost-Effective

During our 30+ years working with dairy farmers we have gained a reputation as New Zealand's leading effluent management specialists for advice, planning and supply of systems to manage your farm’s effluent. These systems minimise waste and unlock hidden nutrient value, ensuring that your farm runs efficiently with optimal productivity, profitability, and environmental sustainability.

We design management systems that implement sustainable and responsible farming practices, ensuring not only optimal efficiency but also longevity.
Our service consists of the full effluent management function from collection and storage, to mixing or separation, and finally moving and spreading of effluent.
We also supply a full range of top-quality parts, components, and machinery, designed explicitly for NZ farming conditions.

If you require a system to effectively manage effluent on your dairy farm, unlocking value and providing an excellent return on your investment, look no further.

Our team consists of highly regarded industry professionals with years of experience in helping dairy farms reach new heights of productivity and profitability.

Contact us today for your free farm assessment, or more information.

It [The Nevada Tanker] would’ve halved our time that it usually takes to empty our pond.

John Mills, Manawatu

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Nevada slurry tankers & stirrers are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why they are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited
Yes, We're Accredited!
Nevada are Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited by Irrigation NZ! This means we've been assessed (and passed with flying colours) on our competency and skills in all the important things to provide you with top notch advice - read more here
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