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Top 5 Dairy Farmer Excuses For Buying A New Tractor


Top 5 Excuses For Buying A New Tractor

Got your eye on a shiny new tractor but can't quite justify the need? 

We think every dairy farmer deserves to be driving the tractor of their dreams!  You work hard, support the economy, and if you're on this website, you're clearly someone who makes good choices when it comes to the environment. But if all that's not enough, try one of these top 5 excuses for buying a new tractor...

#1 You've Got To Have A Good Office Set Up

Your tractor is your office, and if you've got a Nevada Slurry Tanker, RainWave™ Draghose System, or PTO Stirrer you'll be spending more time in the office for good reason!  While these machines get the job done fast, there's also no need to be getting in and out of the tractor - you can just let them do their thing while you catch up on work that can be done remotely from your phone/tablet.

#2 It's Something The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Let's face it - a new tractor is something to be enjoyed by everyone.  They'll all want to take it for a spin, or go for a ride....maybe even make the neighbours a little jealous.  Who knows - it might even encourage the more reluctant family members to help out more on the farm!

#3 Money Saved Means You Can Afford It

If you've upgraded to a new Nevada Slurry Tanker, or a RainWave Draghose System, chances are you're saving money that can now go towards a shiney new tractor!  Using either of these effluent spreaders as your main effluent spreading equipment will not only get the job done faster, easier and more efficiently, but you'll also be getting more from your effluent nutrients and spend less time and money on maintaining the equipment.
Nevada Slurry Tanker
Nevada Slurry Tanker Hydraulic Brakes

#4 You'll Want To Make The Most Of Your New Tanker

One of the great things about Nevada Slurry Tankers is their hydraulic braking system, which you'll want to take full advantage of.  If your old tractor doesn't have the gear to be compatible, it's time for an upgrade!  Unlike some slurry tankers that operate with a brake on only 1 axle, Nevada slurry tankers have brakes on all wheels.  This is an important safety aspect, especially as you get into the bigger sizes.

#5 Reward Yourself For Extra Income

Chances are, now you have such amazingly awesome effluent equipment, your neighbours will want you to help them out with their effluent stirring or spreading.  Contracting can be a good way to make some extra cash that can once again go towards the tractor you've been dreaming of....although watch out because having a new Nevada Slurry Tanker and a new tractor might put you in hot demand!

I like the Nevada PondBoom™ because it's safer and easier to manage the pump than having it on a floating pontoon.

Ross Miller, Manutahi Dairy Farmer

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