How Much Does An Effluent Draghose System Cost?

One of the benefits of a draghose system is the initial investment can make them a very cost effective solution for spreading effluent. With a number of components that go into a draghose system, a complete package can range from as little as $70,000 NZD up to $300,000 NZD at the high end*. Here’s a bit of a breakdown of different component options and their costs…


One of the biggest cost factors is your choice of spreading applicator.

A RainWave applicator is what we recommend for most situations. Aside from being the most cost-effective, they are lightweight, easy to operate, and fast with an even spread. A 3 point linkage RainWave applicator is approximately $12,000 NZD.

The next most common spreading applicator is a Nevada Trailing Shoe. These are popular for their extremely low volatilization rates and provide accurate proof of placement. However, they do take more skill to operate and have a heavier tare weight. The trailing shoe, range in size, from a 6-metre width to 12 meters, and costs range from approximately $65,000 to $95,000 NZD.

3PL Nevada Trailing Shoe


The next component to your draghose system is the pump. The type of pump required will depend on how far you’re pumping and the typography of the land you’re pumping over.

Many small to medium sized farms will opt for a PTO pump. These typically range from $11,500 to $23,000 NZD depending on the size and power required.

Alternatively, motorised diesel-powered pumps are a good option if you’re not wanting to tie up a tractor for pumping, and generally for farmers and contractors wanting a powerful pump. A good quality diesel pump would typically cost between $50,000 to $80,000 NZD.

PTO Effluent Pump
Nevada Diesel Powered Effluent Pump

Reelers & Hose

Finally, you’ll need to determine your requirements for reelers and hose.

The size and number of reelers required will depend on the size and amount of hose needed.

The size and amount of hose needed depends on how far you need to reach and how far you can pump.

Draghose System Packages

To give you an idea of what the typical draghose package would include:

A $70,000 package to suit most small farms would include a RainWave 3 point linkage spreading applicator, PTO pump, 1 reeler, and 600 metres of quality puncture resistant layflat draghose.

On the other end of the scale, a $300,000 draghose system package to suit very large farms or contractors could include a 12 metre dribble bar, large diesel powered pump, 4 large reelers and 3km of quality puncture resistant layflat draghose.

This gives you an idea of the individual component costs that go into a draghose system, however when buying everything together you’ll often get the benefit of a package deal.

*Pricing indications are in NZD and exclude GST.

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