How Much Is A New Pond Stirrer?

The cost of a new slurry stirrer depends on the make and model required for your farm. Nevada’s electric, PTO and over-wall options all utilise the same quality features developed for long lasting performance, so the price just depends on what you need. To give you can idea, these are some prices as at January 2024.

PTO or tractor driven stirrers come in 3 models. The FarmerStir 6000 is 5.5m long and ideal for small to medium ponds, and costs $7,990 NZD. The TurboStir 6000 has a 6.5m shaft and is suited to medium to large ponds. These cost around $9,150 NZD. Then there is the TurboStir 7000 with a 7.4m shaft length. This is our most powerful PTO stirrer, perfect for contractors or farmers with multiple ponds. The TurboStir 7000 is priced around $11,750 NZD.

PTO stirrers can be fitted with an extension to reach over walls, fences or above ground tanks. The extension is an additional $9,150 NZD.

Our electric stirrers have 2 ranges. The 7m range is ideal for shallow ponds and deep slopes, and models range from 10-20 horsepower. These cost between $13,800 and $14,900 NZD. The 9m range is suited to larger ponds and gentle slopes, with models ranging from 15-30 horsepower. These will cost between $18,500 and $ 23,990.

If you've got a tank and need to reach over the wall, then no problem. There’s an over wall electric pond stirrer for $23,900 NZD. This allows you to get mixing with ease because there is no way you want solids built up in there. As with all Nevada stirrers, there's an optional pond liner protection kit to give you even more peace of mind in a lined pond or tank, along with the leg under the prop.

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