How Much Is A New Slurry Tanker?

When researching slurry tankers it’s pretty understandable you’ll be wanting to know how much a new slurry tanker will cost. While this does depend on the make, model and features, we’re going to give you some approximate costs for a Nevada Slurry Tanker.

As a quick disclaimer, these prices are of course true to the time this is being produced but will hopefully still give you a good indication for some time to come.

One thing to note with Nevada slurry tankers is that the standard models are specified with all the features required by most farmers.  So in the majority of cases there is no requirement for additional features that will alter the price. We believe the features included in our slurry tankers are essential components for a reliable, long lasting machine, so while a new Nevada slurry tanker may not be your cheapest option initially, you’ll definitely see that investment pay off over the lifetime of the machine.

The cost of a new slurry tanker will depend on the size required.

Nevada single axle slurry tankers range from 6,000 litres to 10,000 litres with optional auto-filling arms. A new single axle slurry tanker will be cost between $52,000 and $86,000 NZD.

Our tandem axle slurry tankers range from 8,000 litres to 16,500 litres with auto-filling arms as standard. These generally cost between $96,000 and $143,000 NZD. 18,000 litre and 20,000 litre models are available in a tandem axle, however it is more economical to move to a tridem axle for these sizes and enjoy the benefits of having 6 wheels on the ground.

Tridem axle slurry tankers range from 18,000 litres to 37,000 litres and start at $140,000 NZD.

While Nevada slurry tankers are designed to include all the standard features required by most farmers, we do have customisable options for specific needs.

All prices from January 2024, GST is additional.

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