The benefits of contractors to be able to manage dairy effluent

If you are a contractor who is wondering about the potential benefits of managing dairy effluent in your area, there are a few aspects to consider that can bolster your business and create positive connections with local farmers.

Benefits Of Managing Dairy Effluent

The ability to provide multiple types of agricultural services to your clients has many benefits. Not only does it keep staff busy during the slower season, it also can fill in the gap for more cash flow. Keeping tractors and other equipment in storage can come at a cost, but by utilising equipment for more services you can create more opportunity for your contracting business.

Due to effluent being distributed before crop planting, managing both services ensures a farmer does not have to work with other contractors to get the job done. By providing dairy effluent management as one of your services, you are able to keep good connections with clients you already work with.

Contractors spreading effluent with Nevada Slurry Tankers

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Staying ahead of your competition means providing quality service to your customers in every season. If a customer has to go to another contractor to receive effluent management services, there is the potential issue of the client choosing the other contractor for other work if they build a positive rapport.

Providing more services that cover all aspects of client needs for contract work helps you retain stronger business connections that continually choose your services over other competitors in your area.

Contractor Stirring and pumping an effluent pond

Experience Low Running Costs

Another benefit to providing dairy effluent management services is the low running costs and minimal maintenance required to run a slurry tanker. A slurry tanker can last for decades and holds a greater return on investment versus harvesting or cultivation type farm equipment, if you decide to upgrade or switch the type of services you offer. With low running costs, you can operate efficiently with equipment that is able to handle all conditions.

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The benefits of contracting is the ability to expand your business and provide more opportunity for agricultural services that your clients need in your geographical area. If you are looking for solutions for your clients and want to expand your services to dairy effluent management, come chat with our team to learn what system is right for your contracting business.

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