What size pond stirrer do I need?

There are a few aspects to consider when determining the right size pond stirrer for your effluent management approach. While it is generally recommended to choose a larger size pond stirrer, there are a few types and specifications that can help you choose the right option for your farm requirements.

Pond stirrer length and power

The two main aspects to consider are the length of the pond stirrer and the power capacity. The length of the stirrer is determined by the overall size of the pond and the batter of the pond wall. If the angle of the wall slopes down at a 45-degree angle or steeper, then you can utilise a short stirrer of 7 meters. If there is a gentle angle, which is often the case with most lined ponds, then you will need a longer stirrer of up to 9 meters.

In terms of power, electric pond stirrers can range from 10 to 30 horsepower. For smaller ponds or effluent dams, a smaller capacity stirrer is suitable. If your pond is large, then you will want to consider a larger stirrer with more power capacity. In some more extreme cases, it may require two pond stirrers to manage the effluent effectively.

Not every farm will have the power availability for a larger stirrer. Check with your electrician to see what capacity electric motor you are able to run. An electrician will be able to ensure the stirrer has the right power capacity and can run properly. If power availability is a concern, then it may take a little longer for the effluent to mix. However, generally the stirrer can run for 30 to 60 minutes prior to the pump starting.

Read more on: How often an effluent pond should be stirred.

Nevada Electric Stirrer in-situ in a HPDE lined pond

Optimal Efficiency

Electric stirrers that are shore mounted utilise a horizontal thrust that is far more efficient in propelling effluent around the pond than any vertical mounted option. This brings the solids of the effluent into suspension. If you are managing high concentrations of solids from feed pads or covered areas, make sure you have the right power capacity pond stirrer for optimal mixing. The propeller design plays a huge part in the efficiency of pond stirring.

Angle Adjust Capability

Another aspect to consider is the ability to adjust the angle of the stirrer. Angle adjustable pond stirrers can move up and down and swivel from side to side. This ensures every part of the pond is effectively stirred. If you are unable to angle adjust, then you will require a bigger pond stirrer capacity.

All Nevada Electric Stirrers can pivot.

Types of pond stirrers and sizes

PTO Pond Stirrer

For PTO pond stirrers, the size is determined on the capacity of the tractor and how accessible the pond is. PTO pond stirrers are able to manage quick stirring with enough thrust that makes it cost effective and efficient. It is important to know the power capacity of the tractor and the efficiency of the propeller. Thanks to the Nevada Typhoon™ propeller, it creates an effective approach that delivers powerful output with minimal power input.

A PTO pond stirrer requires a minimum of 50 horsepower to run the smaller machine and 80hp plus for the two larger PTO stirrers. You can get an extension if you have a large pond to make the stirrer longer, but it would require a bigger tractor to support the extension. In general, the Nevada TurboStir 6000 pond stirrers from Nevada are suitable for most ponds and tractor sizes.

Nevada TurboStir 7000 in-situ in a clay pond

Above-Ground Effluent Tank

Above ground tanks are similar in requirements for pond stirrer size and efficiency. The tractor can manage the stirrer on the front-end loader to reach over the wall. For an electric pond stirrer option, it can be mounted on a pedestal. The Nevada 7-metre Tank Stirrer is suitable for most above ground tanks, or alternatively try the Nevada Tank Stir.

Pedestal Nevada Electric Stirrer

Bladder Effluent Tank

For a bladder effluent tank, we generally recommend a TL2-85 Rovatti PTO Pump, or a large four-inch motorised trash pump that is the adequate size for effective mixing. More on how to stir a bladder tank.

How to stir a bladder tank illustration

In-ground effluent sump

For an in-ground effluent sump set up there is the option to utilise a shore mounted pond stirrer, but often the sump is too small. In this case, consider a submersible stirrer for optimal efficiency. Submersible mixers come in a range of sizes, which is why it is important to get your in-ground effluent sump assessed before determining what size stirrer is suitable.

Submersible Mixers

What size pond stirrer is the best choice?

Nevada electric stirrers range from 10 to 30 horsepower, 7 to 9 meters for electric stirrers, and 5.5 to 7.5 for PTO tractor driven stirrers with options for extensions as needed.

What stirs a lot, stirs a little

If you have a bigger size pond stirrer, then it is also able to stir a smaller amount. However, you will not be able to stir a bigger pond with a small stirrer. What is often unseen are the heavy solids that do not show up on the top, which is why it is important to have a strong thrust that can get the pond stirred quickly for optimal performance. When in doubt, opt for the next size up.

At Nevada, we care about getting the details right, which is why we assess your farm set up to find the most efficient option. Chat with us today to learn more about the right size pond stirrer for your effluent system.

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