Nevada's Been Exporting Abroad Since 2015!

Nevada International


Yes, we export internationally! In fact, Nevada has been exporting effluent equipment all around Australia, to South America, and the USA since 2015.


With strict rules and regulations on environmentally sustainable farming practices, we're pretty clued up on what it takes to achieve efficient and effective effluent management, and we extend these principals to other countries when providing advice. For example, we've found the most benefit comes from keeping solids with liquids, both in terms of nutrient value and efficiency for farmers.  


Nevada slurry tankers and pond stirrers arrive fully assembled and tested, ready to help you make the most of those effluent nutrients.


If you're not already convinced, read some more info below and check out the video featuring one of our ex-pat slurry tankers...


Can you still do a farm analysis and provide advice? 


Absolutely! We have the same ability to analyse your farm with our online tools, and we're happy to have a video call if there's anything we might need to see.


You'll receive the same personal service as our Kiwi farmers - talking to a person who's an expert in effluent management.

Is it more expensive coming from New Zealand?


Importing a slurry tanker or pond stirrer often works out to be surprisingly economical. We've negotiated good freight weights with carriers to get you the best pricing, and equipment is sold in NZ dollars. With exchange rates this often makes the equipment cheaper for you. Taxes will be charged in your country, which often means this can be claimed back just as you would for goods purchased at home.

Where can you ship to?


To date Nevada equipment has been shipped all over Australia, to South America and the USA. We're open to shipping anywhere worldwide. Equipment is usually shipped to the nearest port and then transport would be arranged to your farm.

Does equipment arrive fully assembled?


Yes. Slurry tankers and pond stirrers arrive fully assembled and tested. Electric stirrers will need to be installed, but this can usually be done by your electrician.

Do you have service agents in Australia?


Yes we have service agents should you ever need them.

Is there training available?


Yes, you'll still receive training on how to use your new equipment. Nevada slurry tankers and pond stirrers are very simple to use, with minimal training required. If we're not able to be there in person, we can video call or provide training videos.

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If you're not in New Zealand, no worries! We can help over the phone, or happy to jump on a video call. Our equipment can be exported - to date it has made it's way over to Australia, USA and South America!