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Drop pond levels fast and turn brown into gold with Nevada's Rainwave™ or Trailing Shoe umbilical drag hose system!


Say goodbye to lost nutrients and wasted money on artificial fertilisers. Nevada's drag hose systems allow you to spread those effluent nutrients more effectively, ensuring more nutrients reach the ground and reducing nitrogen being released into the atmosphere.


Economical and efficient, our drag hose systems will have you spreading further, fully utilising the nutritional value of your effluent and reducing storage levels in no time.


With custom options to fit your specific needs and the ability to apply 1,000,000+ litres per day with ease, it's time to upgrade your effluent spreading game. Equipment can be purchased individually (Effluent Pumps, Hose Reelers, Layfalt Drag Hose and Remote Valve Switch) or as part of a package deal. Explore our drag hose system options below, or get in touch to find out more!

RainWave™ 3PL Applicator


The Nevada RainWave applicator has been developed as a good overall effluent spreading solution, providing speed, control, an even spread pattern, wide spreading distribution and producing larger effluent droplets that minimise wind drift and volitisation. The 3 point linkage system is also very light on the tractor, making it an excellent choice over softer soils. If you’re looking to empty and spread your effluent pond fast with a low application depth, the RainWave applicator is your best bet with the ability to spread over 1,000,000 litres in one day.  


The simplicity of the RainWave makes it a very economical option, and the compact design means there’s no issues with getting through farm gates or spreading over hilly or uneven ground. They’re also really easy to operate, requiring very little skill.

Nevada Trailing Shoe 

As well as greatly reducing odour and evaporation. There are many benefits when using a trailing shoe – with effluent being placed directly to the soil (base of the plant) there is virtually no volitisation, or wind drift, and no crop spoiling.

The Nevada Trailing Shoe assemblies come in four widths; 6.0m, 7.5m, 9.0m, 10.5m, and 12.0m. These trailing shoes are for Tractor Driven spreading.

Hose Reelers


Nevada's hose reelers have been developed and perfected after many years of contracting to provide the optimum solution combining heavy duty strength and ease of use.

Both random wrap and segmented mounted umbilical hose reelers are available, and all are fitted with a heavy duty, 3 point linkage and a female Quick fit ‘A’ frame. When the male ‘A’ frame is located it is secured by two loose fitting pins.

OROFLEX PU Layflat Drag Hose


Manufactured in Germany for agricultural and harsh industrial environments.  Normally used as a drag hose on umbilical irrigation systems - offers outstanding abrasion resistance, chemical/hydrocarbon resistant and huge torsional strength for dragging.


Standard hose length 200m.  Custom cut lengths available on request.


PTO Effluent Pumps

Get ready for maximum pumping performance with Nevada's range of high-capacity PTO effluent pumps made from hard-face lubricated mechanical steel. Perfect for contractors and farmers without electricity at the pump site, our effluent pumps are powered by your tractor for unbeatable mobility.


Ideal for high capacity effluent pumping or multiple pump sites, and equipped to handle even the toughest conditions, our PTO pumps are a must-have as a backup in case of power failures or pump breakdowns.


Choose a effluent pump that's built to last, choose one of Nevada's PTO effluent pumps.

Diesel-Powered Effluent Pumps

High capacity pumps for contractors and large effluent irrigation systems.


  • Easy to use
  • Mobile with in-built engine protection
  • Ideal for umbilical drag hose systems

Nevada Diesel-Powered Effluent Pumps are purpose-built using industry-leading pumps and equipment. A range of pumps and engine sizes are available to suit your needs. All have excellent solids-handling ability and come with a range of options including auto-priming and remote control as shown.

Remote Valve Switch


The remote valve switch lets you switch between one irrigation line to another (or bypass back to the pond) without turning off the pump. This is made possible with use of a soft close switching system eliminating any potential pressure spikes. It’s so simple - just activate it from your mobile phone!



  • 75mm Y Valve
  • Powered by a 12 Volt battery
  • Free app download for IOS and Android phones
  • No internet connection required
  • Remote valve switch can be controlled by multiple mobile devices
  • Allows one person to operate a drag hose system
  • New Zealand made

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