Effluent Hydrants
and Pipes

Superior performance and flow.

Effluent Hydrants and Pipes


Maximize your effluent management efficiency with Nevada's effluent hydrants and pipes! 

Our effluent hydrants are designed to withstand the tough conditions of New Zealand dairying and are built with robust, hot-dip galvanised construction. Smooth bends, simple operation, and a range of sizes ensure a perfect fit for your system, and compatibility with both Alkathene and PVC pipes with minimal pressure loss. 

Trust in the quality and reliability of Nevada products and streamline your effluent management system today!

  • Smooth bends
  • Fully hot dip galvanised
  • Robust construction
  • Simple operation
  • Range of options
  • Suits Alkathene or PVC pipes
  • Minimal pressure loss


We also offer a wide range of suction and delivery couplings, as well as effluent pipe for mainline or drag line applications.

Take Off Elbow Effluent Hydrant

Take Off Elbow Effluent Hydrant

Use Nevada's Take-Off Elbow to connect your irrigator drag hose to your in-ground hydrant. Achieve a smooth flow without any drag hose kinking. 
$ 160.00
End of Line Effluent Hydrant

End of Line Effluent Hydrant

Tap into your underground pipe for easy above ground access to the flow of effluent.
$ 155.00
2 Way Effluent Hydrant

2 Way Effluent Hydrant

Get easy above ground access to underground effluent pipes, and connect it up with your irrigator through a Nevada 2-way hydrant.
$ 487.00
3 Way Effluent Hydrant

3 Way Effluent Hydrant

Our 3-Way effluent hydrants make it easy to divert the flow of effluent from one direction to another where piping allows.
$ 630.00

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