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Travelling Irrigators

Increase your pasture production by
capitalising on your farm’s available resources
Trusted for Safety and Reliability

Greenback Spider Travelling Irrigator

Increase your pasture production by capitalising on your farm’s available resources with the Greenback Spider Travelling Irrigator.  A simple speed change procedure with a choice of five travel speeds allows greater control of effluent application depths thus allowing greater control of soil absorption rates optimising the benefits of the natural fertiliser.
Nevada Fertigator™


  • Proven design for reliability and simplicity
  • Application depth from 5mm to 13mm
  • 5 travel speeds
  • Differently angled arms allow for a more even spread pattern of between 30 to 50 metres depending on pump pressure
  • Distribution uniformity of less than 1.25
  • Maximum Volume 90 cubic metres per hour
  • Suitable for electric and PTO pumps
  • Travel Distance up to 400 metres


Travel distance250-400m
Spreading width30-50m
Boom width8.5m
Minimum pressure200 kpa
Maximum pressure600 kpa
Max Draghose90mm od

Greenback Magnum Travelling Irrigator

The Magnum is a powerful irrigator, incorporating a traditional travelling irrigator, with added value of the power of the powerful rain gun.  With a wetted width more than twice as wide as a traditional travelling irrigator, the Magnum offers application rates and depths competitive with sprinkler systems.  
Nevada Fertigator™


  • Labour requirement significantly reduced
  • Can achieve average application rates of 10.0mm/hour and application depths as low as 3.2mm/pass
  • Wetted widths up 80 metres, twice that of a standard travelling irrigator
  • Irrigate effluent in a single nutrient rich state without the need for expensive separation systems
  • Can provide a range of application depths and rates to suit soil conditions through simple travel speed and nozzle size adjustments.
  • It is a simple concept that is proven to be robust and reliable
  • Is capable of operating at pressures and flows provided by traditional effluent pumps extensively used throughout the country
  • Option of 300 or 400m Wire Rope


Travel distance250-400m
Spreading width51-90mm
Boom width8.5m
Minimum pressure200 kpa
Maximum pressure600 kpa
Max Draghose90mm od

Spider Deluxe Travelling Irrigator

The Spider Deluxe travelling irrigator is designed to operate with a 2800 rpm, 7.5hp - 15hp effluent pump which suits most average sized farms. The Deluxe is a proven travelling irrigator with 1000+ worldwide. Available in stainless steel or galvanized wire rope, with lengths of 250 or 300 metres.


  • Simple, trouble free design
  • Rewind handle
  • Double lipped neoprene seals
  • Quick action pawls
  • Hardened steel wire guide
  • 4 travel speeds
  • Total enclosed main bearings
  • Stainless steel spindle
  • Low centre of gravity
  • Light, but strong
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Towing hitch
  • Operates with layflat and hard hoses
  • Progressive cam for low power requirement when travelling
  • Supplied with camlock fitting for supply hose
Spider Deluxe Travelling Irrigator


Travel distance250-300m
Spreading width20-35m
Pump10-20hp electric
Minimum pressure1.5 bar
Maximum pressure6 bar
Max Draghose75 outside diameter

Performance Chart

20 psi
Average Application DepthTravel Speed
Approx. Flow Rate15,750L/h
Wetted Diameter25min
30 psi
Average Application DepthTravel Speed
Approx. Flow Rate19,625L/h
Wetted Diameter28min
40 psi
Average Application DepthTravel Speed
Approx. Flow Rate25,755L/h
Wetted Diameter34min

In-Line Effluent Filters (Recommended)

In-Line Effluent Filters are designed to eliminate debris that create blockages in irrigation nozzles.  They’re really simple, with liquid flowing through the screen inside the filters body.  All you need to do is open the top of the filter, remove the filtering screen, get rid of the trapped debris, replace the cleaned screen and reassemble the filter.  A real tidy operation!

Remote valve switch (Optional)

The remote valve switch
lets you switch between one irrigation line to another (or bypass back to the pond) without turning off the pump.  This is made possible with use of a soft close switching system eliminating any potential pressure spikes. It’s so simple - just activate it from your mobile phone!


  • 76 hose / 64 BSP inlet and outlet
  • Galvanised or stainless screens come in:
    • Large galv = 20mm x 12mm diamond shaped hole
    • Medium galv = 12mm x 6mm diamond shaped hole
    • Small galv = 4mm round hole
    • Stainless Steel Screen = 3mm round hole
  • Overcentre lid catches for quick opening
  • Bleed valve for auto draining of filter
  • 75mm Y Valve
  • Powered by a 12 Volt battery
  • Free app download for IOS and Android phones
  • No internet connection required
  • Remote valve switch can be controlled by multiple mobile devices
  • Allows one person to operate a drag hose system
  • New Zealand made 
Nevada Remote Valve Switch

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I’ve had experience using other tankers, but I prefer Nevada over any other brand. I move a lot of product in a very short time with the Ezi-Load system.

Paul Neumann, Northland Contractor
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