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Churn through Crust And Vegetation with 10x Higher Performance.

Pond Stirrers - Ideal for farmers and contractors, Nevada's range of PTO effluent pond stirrers churn through crust and vegetation with 10x higher performance.


Maximize your pond management efficiency with Nevada's tractor-mounted PTO pond stirrers, a versatile solution for powerful mixing performance on multiple effluent ponds. With their efficiency and mobility, you'll save time and resources, making pond maintenance a breeze.


You'll experience unparalleled mixing performance. Our heavy-duty PTO effluent pond stirrers are manufactured with high-grade steel and galvanised for maximum durability. The shaft design works with Enduro block bearings for a greased and cooled operation, and the Typhoon™ 3-blade propeller provides 10x higher performance with the same energy use, outperforming pumps and submerged motors.


Ideal for both farmers and contractors alike, check out our PTO pond stirrer options below!

Nevada FarmerStir 6000 PTO Pond Stirrer

Nevada FarmerStir™ 6000


The Nevada FarmerStir™ 6000 is the ideal PTO stirrer for small to medium ponds that are easily accessible. With a convenient tractor-mount for mobility, you can insert the effluent stirrer into different positions around the pond for optimum results.


Enduro Block reinforced side bearings (with no sensitive oil seals) keep the mixer shaft turning through extreme crust and vegetation. Combine with the superior mixing performance of the 3-blade Typhoon™ Propellor, and you have a recipe for a perfectly homogenised mix of nutrients.


Shaft Length Adjust Galvanised Bearings Propeller
5.5m Quick Crank Yes Enduro Block Typhoon™


Price (ex GST) $7, 990 NZD

Nevada TurboStir™ 6000


The Nevada TurboStir™ 6000 is an ideal PTO stirrer for medium to large ponds that have easy access. Reinforced Enduro Block side bearings keep the mixer shaft turning through the thick crust and vegetation, while the strong galvanised frame ensures that its built to last.


Both TurboStir™ models come with a convenient hydraulic angle adjustment that can be operated from the tractor seat. With this ability to adjust the angle, mixing performance can be optimised in almost any situation. A popular choice for farmers and contractors because of its ability to quickly mix even the toughest effluent ponds.


Shaft Length Adjust Galvanised Bearings Propeller
6.5m Hydraulic Yes Enduro Block Typhoon™


Price (ex GST) $9,150 NZD


Nevada TurboStir6000 PTO Pond Stirrer
Nevada TurboStir 7000 PTO Pond Stirrer

Nevada TurboStir™ 7000


With a 7.4 metre length, the TurboStir™ 7000 is a powerful PTO pond stirrer for homogenising effluent.

The king earned its moniker because of its ability to churn through tough crust and vegetation, and it's the most powerful slurry stirrer in PTO range. It is capable of stirring ponds as well as clip tanks, plus it can easily be manoeuvred around the pond for optimum results.


Shaft Length Adjust Galvanised Bearings Propeller
7.5m Hydraulic Yes Enduro Block Typhoon™


Price (ex GST) $11,750 NZD

Model Comparison

FarmerStir™ 6000
TurboStir™ 6000
TurboStir™ 7000
Shaft Length 5.5m 6.5m 7.5m
Adjust Quick Crank Hydraulic Hydraulic
Galvanised Yes Yes Yes
Bearings Enduro Block Enduro Block Enduro Block
Propeller Typhoon™ Typhoon™ Typhoon™

Standard Features


Below are the standard quality features you can expect from a Nevada PTO Pond Stirrer.

Additional options are available where required, including over-wall options.

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