TankStir 710 Over-Wall Stirrer

The most effective option for above ground tanks.


Tank Stirrers - For above ground effluent tank mixing. Efficient & effective. Perfect for busy dairy farmers looking to save time and increase productivity.


Say goodbye to sludge build up and crusting - now you can ensure your effluent tank is regularly stirred and ready for spreading. Electric slurry stirrers allow you to automate when you want the tank stirred, so they require very little effort to get the job done.


There are two options for electric tank stirrers. 

Both options utilise Nevada's top performing electric stirrers with the ability to reach over the wall of your tank (see below). 

Over-wall PTO stirrer options are also available.

    Nevada TankStir 710 Over-Wall Stirrer

    Nevada TankSTIR 710


    Nevada’s new TankStir 710 above ground tank stirrer is New Zealand built utilising all the proven features of our electric stirrers, but with an extended mast that reaches over the wall of your above ground tank.


    • Easily operated from the ground
    • More cost effective than a pedestal set-up
    • Safe – with ground operation there’s no risk of anyone falling into the tank
    • NZ built
    • Horizontal angle adjustment - for maximum stirring effectiveness

    Nevada Pedestal


    The more traditional method for electric stirring over-the-wall of an above ground tank is to mount an electric slurry stirrer on a pedestal so it can reach into the tank. 


    This option is great for those wanting the extra exercise from climbing the ladder to operate the slurry stirrer.


    Nevada Pedestal Tank Stirrer

    PTO Over-Wall Options


    If you’re a contractor or electricity is not an option, a Nevada PTO stirrer with over-the-wall extension or hydraulic drive adaption is best. These are highly efficient, and placement provides the best mixing performance.

      Nevada PTO Stir-Extension
      2000 and 4000


      The Stir-Extensions provide an extra pivot point for accessing some of the more difficult or larger ponds to provide superior mixing. The most common uses are for higher wall ponds or above ground tanks that need a longer reach. The extension can be easily attached and removed as needed.


      Available in two lengths:

      Nevada PTO Stir Extension 2000 - 2m

      Nevada PTO Stir Extension 4000 - 4m

      Nevada Pedestal Tank Stirrer

      Hydraulic Drive Slurry Stirrers


      Nevada’s hydraulically driven slurry stirrers are a good option for farmers and contractors needing to stir those hard-to-reach effluent storage situations such as above ground tanks or ponds with difficult access.

      Standard Features

       Below are the standard quality features you can expect from a Nevada stirrer.

      More Info

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      How Much is a New Effluent Pond Stirrer?

      The cost of a new slurry stirrer depends on the make and model required for your farm. To give you can idea, these are some prices as at January 2024.

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