Diesel Effluent Pumps

The Ultimate Effluent Pumping Solution!

Diesel Powered Effluent Pumps


Nevada's Diesel-Powered Effluent Pumps are the ultimate pumping solution. With a shredder on the intake port, these pumps easily handle tough effluent. The in-built engine protection, lockable canopy, LED lights, and working light make these pumps both safe and practical for any job. 

Perfect for contractors and large effluent irrigation systems, these high capacity effluent pumps offer a semi-permanent solution when there's no tractor or electricity available. And with a range of sizes and options, including auto-priming and remote control, you can find the perfect pump for your specific needs. 

Get the job done with ease and confidence with Nevada's Diesel-Powered Effluent Pumps!

Nevada Diesel-Powered Effluent Pump

High capacity pumps for contractors and large effluent irrigation systems.


  • Easy to use.
  • Mobile with in-built engine protection.
  • Excellent solids handling ability.
  • Lockable canopy
  • LED lights + working light 
  • Ideal for drag Hose systems.



126 HP (93kW) JD or Iveco

4 Cylinder

Up to 150m3/hr

Up to 90m head

Shredder on intake port

400L fuel tank

Lockable canopy

Manual Priming pump

LED lights + Working light

Engine protection

PB 120EA


170 HP (127kW) JD or Iveco

6 Cylinder

Up to 300m3/hr

Up to 130m head

Shredder on intake port

600L fuel tank

Lockable canopy

Automatic Priming pump

LED lights + Working light

Engine protection

Pressure and Capacity Ranges

Pressure and Capacity Ranges

Optional Extras


  • Auto priming (standard on PB120EA)
  • Remote control via SMS or cell phone app
  • Sound-proof canopy
  • Lifting arm for suction line
  • Chopper or non-chopper options
  • Trailer or skid-mounted


*Petrol Centrifugal Pumps also available.

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