NZ's Best Slurry Tankers. Fast Application. Anywhere, Anytime.


Invest in the best slurry tanker for your farming operation! Single, tandem and tridem axle slurry tankers. 6,150L (1300 Gallon) to 37,000L (8000 Gallon).


If you're looking for the best slurry tanker to maximise the use of your effluent nutrients and achieving a healthier, more profitable farm, you're in the right place.


  • Get the job done fast with our easy-to-pull tankers and Ezi-Load 8in filling arms.
  • Apply nutrients with precision using our RainWave™ applicators, designed for controlled and accurate spreading.
  • Invest in a product built to last with high-grade steel construction, full galvanization, and double coat protection.

Experience the benefits of a greener farm with Nevada Slurry Tankers. Check out the range below, or download the Nevada Slurry Tanker Catalogue.

Nevada Single Axle Slurry Tanker
Single Axle

Great for smaller farms with softer soil. suitable for a smaller tractor, or spreading 6,150 – 10,000 litres (1300 - 2200 Gallons) a single axle will easily do the job.

Nevada Tandem Slurry Tanker
Tandem Axle

Got a larger farm with medium to large storage? Suitable for a tractor around 100-200hp , or spreading 7,900 – 16,500 litres (1700 - 3600 Gallons)

Nevada Tridem Axle Slurry Tanker
Tridem Axle

These giants are the ultimate slurry tanker if you’ve got large or multiple farms. Tractors above 200HP will have no trouble. Suitable to spread 20,000L  (4000 Gallons) or more.

Nevada Slurry Tanker Loading Arm Options
Loading Arm Options

 Nevada offer a range of additional loading arm options such as Loading Accelorators, Side or Telesopic Loading Arm and a Dorsal Boom.

Nevada Slurry Tanker Spare Parts
Slurry Tanker Parts

We've got all the parts and components you need to keep your Nevada slurry tanker in good working order.

Nevada Slurry Tanker Application Options
Application Options

Nevada offer a wide range of Slurry Tanker applicator options to suit most spreading types.