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Slurry Tanker Applicators

Because the way you spread matters
Trusted for Safety and Reliability

Applicator Options

The way it spreads matters! See some of the options for slurry tanker applicators below...

Nevada RainWave™ Applicator

Nevada slurry tankers come with RainWave™ applicators as a standard feature. These are typically recommended due to their speed, low pressure & volitisation, minimal wind drift, high nutrient impact and they’re lightweight.

Rainwave™ nutrient spreaders use low pressure combined with an oscillating fan pattern to achieve a wider, more controlled spread. Larger droplets mean virtually no wind drift, allowing effluent nutrients to be spread evenly. Single and tandem axle tankers come with a single Rainwave™ applicator, and tridem tankers come with duo Rainwaves™.
Nevada Rainwave™ Slurry Tanker Applicator Features

Alternative Options

Dribble Bar

Dribble Bars/Dropper Booms

Dribble bars are available in 6, 12 or 24 metre wide options.  These can be fitted to any Nevada slurry tanker, however they do require hydraulic functionality.

Trailing Shoes

Trailing Shoe

Trailing shoes are also available for situations where odour control is critical.  Due to their heavier tare weight, these are more suited to larger slurry tankers.  They also require hydraulic functionality.

Disc Injectors

Disc Injector

Disc injectors can be fitted when injecting effluent directly into soil is necessary.  As a larger, heavier mechanism, these are best suited to larger tankers and require hydraulic functionality.

Rain Gun

Rain Gun

Rain Guns can be fitted to any of the Nevada slurry tanker range. These are a good option for spraying onto where you cannot, or do not want to drive through, such as into hills that can’t be reached, crop paddocks, or over tracks. Use of a rain gun will also require the tanker to be fitted with a Garda pump.

Success Stories

Success Stories

John and Lisa Mills lease their family farm off John’s semi-retired parents. Because their land is situated on two sides of the road, they’ve always had a tanker. Their old tanker was another


I’ve had experience using other tankers, but I prefer Nevada over any other brand. I move a lot of product in a very short time with the Ezi-Load system.

Paul Neumann, Northland Contractor

Trade-ins welcome


Already got a slurry tanker?  We 're happy to discuss trading in your old Joskin, Gilltrap, Abbey, Pearson, or any other brand of tanker - just give us a call!
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Nevada slurry tankers & stirrers are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why they are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
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Nevada are Farm Dairy Effluent System Design Accredited by Irrigation NZ! This means we've been assessed (and passed with flying colours) on our competency and skills in all the important things to provide you with top notch advice - read more here
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