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Bryce Hunger, Dairy Farmer - Taranaki

A future-proofed dairy effluent system.


Bryce Hunger is a dairy farmer, based in Inglewood, North Taranaki. He has 600 cows on his 197ha farm. His previous effluent system consisted of a small 50,000L tank that he would pump through to a travelling irrigator over approx. 30ha, combined with a high annual rainfall of 3-4metres per year, it was obvious to him that a new system was needed.

After a lengthy research period of around three years, and considering a variety of options including Pods and other hi-tec systems, Bryce decided that they were too labour-intensive for his farm, and wanted more flexibility without losing out on performance. He approached Nevada to help find a system that both suited his immediate needs, but also future-proofed his farm for expansion. His reasons for choosing Nevada were based on his knowledge of a trusted and tried-and-tested range of products and after-sales service.

He opted for two products: a 14,700L Slurry Tanker (MB140- 4R) and a 9metre Electric shore- mounted Pond Stirrer (EL925). The Slurry Tanker has given him the flexibility he needed - making the whole process less time consuming and offers him low application on all areas of his farm, enabling him to target specific paddocks easily and quickly.

The EL925 electric Pond Stirrer makes pond mixing effortless, providing quick mixing, and on a timer to suit the farm routine. He has proved that stirring little and often has keep the effluent in suspense and decreased odor.

Bryce can now pump from his 50,000L tank into his 9.5million litre storage pond, enabling him to irrigate most of his farm, especially through the drier months where the pasture is wanting it most.

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