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Dennis Cadigan, Contractor - Hokitika

A New Way Of Doing Things


A New Way Of Doing Things

Dennis Cadigan, Contractor - Hokitika

Dennis Cadigan operates a contracting business in Hokitika on the West Coast.

He was previously running a smaller tanker of a well known brand, but was getting a lot of breakdowns, and parts backup issues.  This quickly started to impact the business, with work becoming less efficient, and jobs being delayed – so he went looking for a solution.

Dennis had first been in contact with Nevada a couple of years ago after seeing what we had to offer in a flyer.  Although the stars didn’t align back then, he still liked the product and service, so was keen to get a quote when it came time for a new tanker.

“The most important thing for me was getting something reliable.”

Being used to working with the size of his current slurry tanker, Dennis hadn’t put much thought into going bigger.  However, once he saw the quote for a similar sized Nevada tanker, he enquired, and found he could get a higher spec, larger tanker for a similar price to the existing brand!

So Dennis purchased a Nevada 20,000L tridem tanker, which came with the double Rainwave™ spreaders.

Dennis Cadigan
Dennis Cadigan
'I was rapt!  You tend to stick with what you know, but the old machine had become a real pain in the ass.  With Nevada, the whole experience was so easy.  I ended up with a bigger, better machine, and we haven’t looked back.  The spreaders [Rainwave] give us a wider, more even spread, which means we’re spreading faster with better results. 

With the amount we spread, I was expecting to have to buy another spreading system as well, but this tanker has kept up with the workload and is certainly ‘fit for purpose’ for the hours we’re doing.  It’s made a dramatic difference to our business, and exceeded my expectations by far.'

It [The Nevada Tanker] would’ve halved our time that it usually takes to empty our pond.

John Mills, Manawatu
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Nevada products are high-quality and trusted by New Zealand farmers for safety and reliability. That is why all Nevada products are supported with a two year warranty, and backed by customer service that is second to none.
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