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Bruce Turpie, Dairy Farmer - Ashburton

A Year On - Bruce's Slurry Tanker Is Still Working Hard

A Year On - Bruce's Slurry Tanker Is Still Working Hard

It's been a year since Bruce Turpie's 37,000L Nevada Slurry Tanker landed on his 500Ha dairy farm, and Bruce is just as happy as the day it arrived...

Bruce has no regrets at his decision to upgrade from his old 18,000L slurry tanker to the Nevada 37,000L slurry tanker. In fact, it's working harder than ever!

'It does a lot of work. Last week it did 50 hours.'
Bruce Turpie Nevada 37000L Slurry Tanker
Bruce runs a large 500Ha dairy farm with 1600 cows. There's high input, and high output, so he has two systems running.  Effluent from the cow shed is run through a screw press with liquids going into a sump.  Any overflow is pushed through to one of the effluent ponds.  There are 3 earthen effluent ponds storing effluent from the feedpads.
Bruce Turpie Nevada 37000L Slurry Tanker
'I'm glad we went that size. You'd be there forever with a smaller tanker.'
Bruce's plan in upgrading to the 37,000L slurry tanker was to spread over the entire 500Ha, not just the 160Ha under irrigation.  The slurry tanker would provide a lot more flexibility to spread when and where they wanted.  It also mean they could clean the ponds out themselves, and there wouldn't be any potential smell issues with spreading in one area.

With odour being a slight concern, Bruce had initially considered a dropper boom for spreading, but decided to stick with the duo RainWave applicators. They would still give him control over the application having low wind drift, and with the larger droplets applied the effluent would be absorbed into the ground faster. Plus being much lighter in weight it meant the tanker could carry more effluent for spreading!
'Glad we didn’t go with a boom. Those structures would be wiped off. The RainWave is awesome, it is so uniform in spreading. The whole thing is very easy to operate and rides nicely - we're more than happy with it.'

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Most effortless and effective way to empty a herd home.  The tanker and stirrer have both exceeded my expectations - it's awesome kit!  Great to have a decent machine that can do everything.

Brendon McErlean, Manawatu Dairy Farmer
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