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Bruce & Lyn Baggott, Dairy Farmers - Canterbury

Bruce’s Slurry Tanker Exceeded Expectations


Bruce’s Slurry Tanker Exceeded Expectations

Bruce Baggott and his son Lyn run a 850 cow dairy farm in Cust, Canterbury.  His underground effluent management system was working well, with effluent being pumped from the concrete storage pond through to a travelling irrigator…in fact, you could say it was working too well!

Our nutrient levels were too high from all the effluent being spread to just the one area.  We wanted to get the nutrients to all available areas and also to the run-off.’

– Bruce Baggott

Bruce & Lyn Baggott - Nevada Slurry Tanker

Bruce did a lot of research into different brands of slurry tanker, but he felt Nevada’s features were a cut above the rest, so he ordered a 10,000L tandem axle.

‘The double safety protections are special to these [Nevada slurry tankers] – it’s a great reason to buy one.’

– Bruce Baggott

Bruce & Lyn Baggott - Nevada Slurry Tanker

Essentially, Bruce’s effluent nutrients were going to waste because there was too much for the soil to soak up.

‘There’s only so many nutrients the soil can take up, and when nutrient levels are too high, the soil becomes locked.  This can actually end up causing metabolic problems with the cows.’

– Lloyd Thomas, Nevada Effluent Management Specialist

He also liked that Nevada slurry tankers included the unique RainWave™ spreading applicator, which promised a wider, more even and controlled spread with minimal wind drift.  In fact, since having the slurry tanker, Bruce and Lyn say the tanker has exceeded their expectations.

‘That RainWave is a huge advantage over other tankers.  It’s [tanker] exceeded our expectations.  We were surprised how fast it loaded.  We envisioned it [spreading] being a chore, but it’s a fast, easy job.’

– Lyn Baggott

Bruce and Lyn couldn’t be happier with their investment, saying they’re now able to spread under pivots and other areas they couldn’t previously reach with the irrigators.

‘It’s far more versatile.  We can spread in areas we couldn’t reach before.’

– Bruce Baggott


It's a perfect one farm, one man operation.

Joe Ullenburg, Contractor, Taranaki

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