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John Malcolm, Dairy Farmer - Taranaki

Conveniently cart dairy effluent from the pond to the paddock.


John Malcolm owns a dairy farm in Okiawa, South Taranaki, of about 270 acres, 350 cows, plus a runoff in Eltham of about 75 acres. His land is reasonably flat. In the past his effluent system consisted of an underpass and ponds around it to take the overflow. Council regulations changed, and with ponds no longer allowed to run over anymore, the only solution was to install a more effective and versatile effluent management system. 

John’s new system includes 500,000 litre concrete ProSump dairy effluent tank, a Nevada 6 metre PTO stirrer (Nevada TurboStir 6000) and a Nevada 8,200 litre tanker (Nevada MB80-EX). 

Naturally, John chose Nevada
John chose Nevada because the products stood out compared to other brands. Nevada products impressed him, and he knew they would last because all the main parts are galvanised. 

He has always had good service from Nevada’s manufacturer and importer, Midwest Machinery, so he naturally chose Nevada as a first choice.

The biggest advantage with his Nevada 8,000 litre tanker, John said, is that he can take it wherever he wants. At the moment he is using it to fertilise his silage paddocks, which are actually half a mile away from his effluent pond. So having his Nevada Effluent tanker to cart the dairy effluent there is very convenient.

When choosing the Nevada 8,000 litre tanker, John tallied up how much it was going to cost to get power down to the pond, plus the cost of hose and pipes. He worked out that it was more cost effective to get a Nevada Tanker. A Nevada Tanker is more versatile and user-friendly than having dairy effluent pipes everywhere. 

The Nevada PTO pond stirrer, John said, was quite amazing really; when he first put it in the slurry and started it up he couldn’t see anything happening at first; then  all of a sudden, right at the back, the dairy effluent started swirling up!

Phone Nevada to find out 0800 464 393
View the Nevada TurboStir 6000 Pond Stirrer
View the Nevada MB80EX Slurry Tanker
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