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Dave & Hayden Jurlina, Dairy Farmers - Kaitaia

Dave & Hayden Love The Versatility Of Their Slurry Tanker


Dave & Hayden Love The Versatility Of Their Slurry Tanker

Dave and his son, Hayden run a large dairy farm near Kaitaia. They previously spread effluent with a travelling irrigator and several Nevada Fertigators™.

Although the previous set up worked, it was difficult to keep on top of everything. The irrigator can only spread so far, and a contractor was needed to reach other areas of the farm. So Dave and Hayden decided it was time to get a slurry tanker of their own.

‘Dave gave us a call knowing he wanted a Nevada. A slurry tanker was ideal for his situation, having various collection points means they can suck up from anywhere, and get effluent spread when and where they need to at any time.'

Michael Prestidge, Nevada Effluent Management Specialist

Dave and Hayden Juralina - Nevada Slurry Tanker

Dave and Hayden love the versatility of having a slurry tanker as it enables them to focus on one area and get it done all at once.

‘We’ve found it awesome. Just the versatility. During the year we can pick different paddocks, go in and pump it out all over the crop paddocks and all that. We’ve found we’re not using out irrigator anywhere near as much as we used to. We’re really happy.’

– Dave Jurlina

One of Dave’s biggest concerns in getting a slurry tanker was the added labour time to do the spreading. Now they’d had it for a while, he’s found that’s not the case…

‘You always worry it will make things a bit slower, but because it pumps so quickly, and the tractor just pulls it along, it’s a piece of cake. We’re real happy with it. It was a good purchase.’

We found 2 year old bulls grazing on the crust of a 20x15m pond. It only took about 9 hours for our Nevada to get the pond stirred to slurry.

Tui Young, Stratford Dairy Farmer and Contractor

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