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Dennis Morgan, Dairy Farmer - Mangatainoka

Dennis' Advice To Avoid Costly Mistakes


Dennis couldn't be happier with his effluent management system...but he's made some costly mistakes getting to this point...

Any dairy farmer visiting Dennis Morgan's 146Ha, 350 cow dairy farm in Mangatainoka would be impressed...

At the end of the barn sits a large 1.8 million litre sump with 7m electric stirrer, and the main pond (of approximately 42x50m) is stirred with a 9m electric stirrer.  Once thoroughly stirred, Dennis uses his 10,000L slurry tanker to spread over the whole farm. 

However Dennis' effluent management system hasn't always functioned so smoothly, and he's learnt some lessons along the way...

Dennis Morgan - Nevada Effluent System
'I have done some things right eventually...there's been some very costly mistakes.  It's best to get specialist help.' 
Dennis Morgan - Nevada Electric Stirrer


Without having a stirrer, the large sump at the end of the barn had become problematic as the thick slurry was difficult to deal with.

'Before we got the stirrer, this was so hard.  Real thick.  You could walk on it.'

Now Dennis has his Nevada slurry tanker, the sump is only used for storage.

'With the tanker I can spread 3Ha at 7 loads per day.  We've got 70Ha under the sprinkler, but it took 4-5 days per paddock.  Don't use it now - the tanker is so much more flexible and convenient.  The good thing about it is there's an 8" suction line.  It can fill fast - doesn't take too long.'

Before installing the two Nevada electric stirrers, Dennis had a solids separation system. 

'You can get rid of that separator for me now - it's an eyesore.  The system you'd got me is so much easier. It [solids separator] was supposed to deliver pretty clean water, but it's never worked.

I should have put this stirrer in 8 years ago when I put the pond in, and I wouldn't have had the headaches of that separation thing.  You win every time with a system like this.'

With a lot on his plate, Dennis enjoys the simplicity and convenience of his new set up.  The electric stirrers with Typhoon™ propellors make quick work of thick slurry, and require less time and effort to get the job done.

'Those big islands there [on the effluent pond] are just simply drawn in and mixed up.  I just start it not long before I tanker it out.  It certainly doesn't take long to mix this one up - and she's a big pond.'

Having a slurry tanker has meant Dennis can spread when and where he wants, so he's got more control to make sure the nutrients are going where they're most needed.

'Oh she grows grass...ohhh yes!  I just follow the cows now.'

What's next on the cards for Dennis?

'Next thing I want is to get that liquid fert going on too [AddGreen™].  It'll be awesome doing two jobs at once.  Easy.'

Our Nevada electric pond mixer easily disperses any crust build-up and creates a whirlpool and gets the whole pond moving so the crust can't form again. Our pond is as clear as a lake now.

Cameron Johnston, Taranaki Dairy Farmer
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